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Campaign Organization WITH POLL

With all the discussion of endorsements and whether or not they play a role in anyone’s decision, a question came to my mind.  Does the campaign team make a decision when you are making an endorsement?  Are you looking for a good fit?  A place where your volunteers interests and skills are a match for the campaign’s strategy?  Or is this a matter of complete indifference to you?   Progressive Man made a comment that Lynne wanted a campaign to “kiss her ring.”  Lynne refuted the comment and knowing Lynne as I do, I know that she is correctly stating her thoughts.  How much does it matter to you to be asked for your support?

Mike Capuano for Senate

I was going to cross-post my entire endorsement here, but it ended up being too rambling and personal. Let’s put a little Somerville in the Senate. Say what you want about the place, it’s never been dull. Mike Capuano has a history of interviewing poorly, but being a pleasant surprise in the job.…

The Wife Knows Somebody Now

The school called.  She was confused.  Didn’t know where she was, who she was, what class to go to.

Week and a half in Boston Childrens.

Came out of the coma and is finally home now but now an autistic like child.

When did it start?

Two days after an H1N1 vaccine.

How did it come to this?

How did I get this cynical?

I used to be a regular normal average American.

D225G, melted black lungs yet total US media silence.  Un-frigging believable, the toss up between internet media and socially engineered commercial propaganda delivery systems.  I know the Nigerian government does not owe me ten million dollars as I have never been there nor have ever had any dealings with them.

Why We’re Part of People First

Crossposted from ONE Massachsuetts by Guest Blogger Al Norman

Mass Home CareThe Mass Home Care Association represents 30 agencies whose mission it is to keep elders and individuals with disabilities living in the community, at their highest level of functioning. More than 55,000 people a month count on home care help to live independently. It is their civil right to avoid unjustifiable segregation in an institution.

The “People First” campaign is all about addressing the needs of these vulnerable people—first. The state budget is the expression of what our state Constitution refers to as a “social compact” to ensure all individuals with “the power of enjoying, in safety and tranquility, their natural rights and the blessings of life.”

Mass Home CareThe needs of our people to be safely housed, fed, and cared for is not diminished in a recession. In fact, it gets worse, as more people become eligible for public programs. The fortunes of the low-income do not rise and fall with the stock market. Government looks after these people because the Marketplace will not.  Greed in the Marketplace—not the need of our people–caused a precipitous drop in revenues to sustain our social compact. Despite these hard fiscal times, there are still people and corporations in this state who are doing very well financially. We need to turn to those who have, to help those who have not. [Keep Reading...]

Boston Herald Endorses Capuano

The Boston Herald has endorsed Mike Capuano and Scott Brown in their respective primaries.…

Full endorsement below:

From this morning’s debate: one good answer, and a couple of bad ones

There wasn’t a lot of news from this morning’s debate, which was held at Suffolk University and live-streamed at the Herald’s website (you can read my live-blog here, and watch a replay at this link).  But a couple of points did stand out for me.

  • First, the one good answer.  The candidates were asked whether they could name anything that George W. Bush did right.  By far the best answer was Alan Khazei’s.  He started with Bush having kept his promise to boost AmeriCorps funding.  That’s obviously something in which Khazei was directly involved, so only partial credit there.  But Khazei went on to mention the large boost in funding to fight AIDS in Africa, and also a program to take the stigma away from using food stamps by issuing them via a sort of debit card.  Both good points.  

    But more importantly, Khazei showed some political guts in saying, you know what, George W. Bush didn’t screw everything up.  As I’m fond of observing, even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and Bush certainly had a few of those moments during his eight years in office.  By answering the way he did, Khazei showed that he’s willing to give credit where credit is due — even if credit goes to someone on the other side of the aisle who is universally reviled by the very Democratic primary voters he’s counting on to show up for him next week.  One might actually call such a move “senatorial,” if the Senate weren’t so sadly dysfunctional right now.  Excellent answer.

  • HUA! Gen. Wesley Clark endorses Khazei

    Alan Khazei has just been endorsed by retired NATO Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Wes Clark. Clark’s status as a highly-decorated combat hero, accomplished military strategist and supporter of veterans should contrast favorably with Mike Dukakis’ endorsement of Capuano.

    I Endorse Mike Capuano for Senate

    With only one week to go, we the voters of the Democratic primary need to choose our pick to replace the irreplaceable Ted Kennedy, who will go on to the general election in January (and let’s face it, on to the Senate). My endorsement comes late but no less enthusiastic. I endorse Mike Capuano for US Senate.

    In looking at all the candidates, really only two are known progressives, and of those two, one has been tried in office and has stood up against Bush era abuses, against the Iraq war, for protecting civil liberties, and has a practical progressive view on how to get things done in Washington. As much as I’d hate to see him leave the House, I think the Senate needs Capuano desperately.

    A Flip Flop or Not, That is the Question

    Kennedy Seat and the Boston Globe are reporting that Martha Coakley MIGHT have flip flopped on her support for the Patriot Act. As posted on Kennedy Seat:

    In remarks quoted by that newspaper, Coakley belittled the PATRIOT Act’s threat to civil liberties, claiming ‘your insurance company knows more about you than the federal government does.’ Coakley further suggested opposition to the PATRIOT Act was rooted in ignorance, asserting: ‘When people don’t understand how things work, they’re willing to say “Can’t do it, won’t do it,” and they tie the government’s hands’ Lowell Sun, (6/28/05).

    Live-blogging this morning’s Senate debate

    That’s right — there’s a debate this morning!  (Who knew?  Shouldn’t these things be better publicized?)  It’s being streamed and live-blogged on the Herald’s website.  But my live-blog will be better.  ;-) Live-blogging the Herald/Suffolk Senate debate