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Day November 12, 2009

Senate candidate tidbits

A couple of items that haven’t yet been remarked upon, but are nonetheless interesting.  At least I think so. Favorability ratings for the candidates (from the Suffolk poll (PDF)). Candidate: Fav/Unfav/Undecided/Never heard of Capuano: 38/18/28/16 — net +20 Coakley: 57/21/15/7 — net +36 Khazei: 11/9/29/51 — net +2 Pagliuca: 35/18/30/17 — net +17 Brown (R): 15/8/28/49 — net +7 Robinson (R): 9/17/26/49 — net -8 Personal wealth of the candidates (excluding primary residences, which do not have to be declared on the financial disclosure forms) — candidates need only report ranges, not actual values: Capuano: $1.4M – $3.1M Coakley: $212K – $262K Khazei: $347K – $1.1M Pagliuca: $259M – $765M Brown (R): $1.1M – $2.7M

NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg endorses Khazei

Following on the heels of Nancy Pelosi’s endorsement of Mike Capuano, Alan Khazei has announced that NYC Mayor and Medford native Mike Bloomberg has endorsed him — and, perhaps more importantly, “will host a fundraiser next week at his private home in New York to show his support.”  Can’t wait to hear what the take from that one is!  :-)

Full release is on the flip.

A Plan for Afghanistan

With yesterday being Veterans Day, and my chance to meet and briefly speak with U.S. Army Chief of Staff General George Casey, Jr., at Harvard’s Medal of Honor ceremony, I find it necessary to state my position on the war in Afghanistan and the need to redefine the objective.

Today I proposed an immediate cease-fire in Afghanistan coupled with an invitation to “all-party” peace talks in Paris that would include the Karzai government, the Abdullah faction, the Taliban, and Pakistan.

Speaker Pelosi endorses Capuano


Today, U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced that she will endorse Congressman Mike Capuano in his candidacy to replace Edward Kennedy as the next Senator from Massachusetts.

Speaker Pelosi will formally endorse Congressman Mike Capuano in Boston on Friday, November 13th.  A press conference will be held at the Omni Parker House, 60 School Street,  in the Louisa May Alcott Ballroom B at 11:30a.m.  Press must arrive by 11:15 a.m.

“Saturday the House of Representatives passed a historic health care bill that was a great victory for the American People.  Mike Capuano not only cast a courageous vote for this historic legislation, but was a constructive force in improving this bill and moving it to the Senate.  Whether taking on the CEOs of the financial services industry, supporting marriage equality, or voting against the Iraq War because he didn’t believe Bush Administration made the case to take military action, Mike Capuano has a proven record of standing up for progressive values and what he believes is right.  I am proud to endorse Mike Capuano for U.S. Senate,” said Speaker Pelosi.

And speaking of friends in high places, here’s a video of Alan Khazei inviting Stephen Colbert (on whose show he appeared a few months back) to moderate a debate among the four Senate candidates.  That, I have to say, would be worth seeing!

Speaker Pelosi to endorse Michael Capuano

David Bernstein over at The Boston Phoniex reports that during tomorrow’s visit to Massachusetts Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will endorse Congressman Michael Capuano’s Senate candidancy. Here’s the link:… Thoughts?

Jacoby is Right! Bullying Undermines Gay Marriage Campaign

Jeff Jacoby pretty much speaks for me in today’s column. Comparing gay marriage to Jim Crow rules is far from accurate. The difference between civil unions and marriage is the difference between freedom and slavery? Voting and forbidden to vote? Public education and forced illiteracy? That’s what we are being asked (told) to believe. Well call me a “hater” then. Let the linguists figure it out.

Poll update: Senate race pretty much unchanged from two weeks ago

The Channel 7/Suffolk poll out today (though if you can find it on Suffolk’s website you’re doing better than I am finally, it’s up – press release; crosstabs) shows that not much has happened since we released our poll almost two weeks ago.  Piecing together reports about the Suffolk poll from WHDH and the Herald, here’s what we seem to have.  Note that the Suffolk poll was taken Nov. 4-7, so it does not take into account the recent health care/abortion controversy. Now (two weeks ago) net change Coakley: 44% (42%) +2 Pagliuca: 17% (15%) +2 Capuano: 16% (16%) 0 Khazei: 3% (5%) -2 Undecided: 20% (22%) -2 All of those changes are well within the polls’ margins of error, so basically, nothing has happened.  Which is of course great news for Martha Coakley, and terrible news for everyone else. In other news from the poll, Christy Mihos is actually leading Charlie Baker among Republican primary voters 33%-30%, with 37% undecided.  Great news for Christy, obviously, though that race remains largely below radar.  And Deval Patrick continues to look like a winner as long as it’s a three-way race: whomever carries the GOP nomination will have a tough time fending […]

Post-debate thoughts: Khazei won

If you didn’t hear the hour-long debate on WTKK radio this morning, you can read my effort at live-blogging it here.  I’m sure WTKK will post the audio shortly.

My take-away: Alan Khazei won.  

Remember the public option?

There’s a good article in Salon today that attempts to explain exactly where we are at in the health care reform process (including what Stupak-Pitts really means). Hopefully you can all read it – I believe they provide free one-day passes if you do not have an account.

We’ve all been so fixated on Stupak-Pitts, so it’s important to remind everyone that in the Senate:

Even some of the strongest supporters of a public option admit they may not have the votes to push it through. “We’re still trying to find that level at which the caucus will feel that it’s being treated fairly, and it won’t alienate any member of our caucus to vote against it,” Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md., told Salon Tuesday. “I don’t know how the vote comes out on the floor of the Senate — I just don’t know. I don’t know whether we have a majority or not that will support a modified public option. I think it’s going to be kind of close.”

Live-blogging the Senate candidates debate on WTKK (9-10 am)

Senate candidates radio debate live-blog