Live Blogging “Open Mike Bash”

A bunch of us are here at the Park Plaza!  Feel free to chime in!!!

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  1. Kitty Dukakis Just Endorsed nt

  2. looks like a full house

    • Now where's my big net I can drop from the ceiling...

      • offers another point of view...

        Capuano "Open Mike Bash" draws more than 1,000 supporters, wins endorsement from Kitty Dukakis. Posted by The Senator on Monday, November 9, 2009

        The Capuano campaign invited me to attend tonight's "Open Mike Bash" at the Park Plaza hotel, even if they wouldn't know whether or not I was there, so I did my best cloak and dagger routine to check the event out.

        It was a pretty impressive showing, with more than 1,000 supporters in attendance (the campaign claimed 1,200, I had previously guessed around 1,000, so I'm sticking with that), including former Massachusetts First Lady Kitty Dukakis, who introduced Capuano and offered her ringing endorsement.

        Read on (it's good.)

  3. Josh Dawson is Live Blogging as well

    Read what Josh has to say

  4. Iraq War

    Mike is talking about his vote on the war in Iraq.  He stood up for what he believed in.

  5. Mike is talking about his opposition to the death penalty! nt

  6. Wait there's more...

    For Left Ahead!, Mike is with Kate live blogging.

  7. Health Care Vote

    Mike he saying that he is for health care.  Huge applause.  How would Ted Kennedy have voted?  

  8. Questions are beginning!

    Mike introduces his finance chair and makes a pitch for public financing.

  9. Is there live video anywhere?

    • Sorry - No

      The venue does not have the capability.  It will be posted later. The Capuano campaign has really reached out to bloggers, inviting us to live blog and giving us access.

      • Well, thanks for being there and keeping us posted.

      • I felt very badly

        I got several contacts from the campaign trying to get me to show up... I just couldn't squeeze it in today.

        I have to say, while I haven't endorsed in the race, a big part of why I've leaned toward Capuano so far is because he's really, really gotten out there to the grassroots. We had him on LeftAhead, I've been called and emailed to go to several of these events... being a responsive, active legislator matters, at least to this potential constituent.

        I've long held that if a politician doesn't somehow ask someone for their vote (at least through staff or volunteers), nine times out of ten, they're not going to get them. So far, I feel as though only Khazei and Capuano are asking.

        • $quot;The harder I work, the luckier I get$quot;

          For the sake of argument, let's accept the premise that this live blog by me was a good thing for the campaign.  

          The fact that I sat down and did it was not just luck.   - The campaign had reached out to me early to ask me to make an endorsement. - Once I made my endorsement, they reached out to me quickly and met with me to involve me in the campaign. - They invited me (and many others) to live blog. - They were set up with laptops available so that I could take part in the event as a supporter, without dealing with equipment. - When I wondered by, I received a very polite invitation to live blog, if I cared to do so.

          So many things in campaigns and life are like that. You need a number of people whose actions make a difference.  

  10. Question is on Impact on Federal Education

    Linda Harvey asks a question about "No Child Left Behind."  Mike is talking about unfunded federal mandates.  

  11. Unfunded Federal Mandates

    He's against them.

  12. Fundraising

    Mike mentions that he has to carry THREE cell phones.  He has a government phone, an outgoing fundraising phone  and an incoming fundraising phone.  He wants every day people to be able to run for public office.

  13. Question on on Educational Progress

    Mike is discussing charter schools versus public schools.  Mike believes that the beauty of the American public school system is that they accept every child who walks through the door.   He wants every child to be the best that he or she can be.

  14. Mike is talking about his vote on the health care bill

    He is making a compelling case for universal health care.  

  15. First Years in Congress Were Easy

    Mike says, "I went to Washington every week, voted no and then came home."  

    He worked to get more Democratic members of COngress elected throughout New England.

  16. Social Liberal

    People have a right to housing, health care and the right to advance themselves, by education or other means.

  17. Closing Remarks

    Mike is inviting everyone to come to "Open Mike" events in smaller venues.  He says, "Every time I open my mouth I run the risk of losing votes."  But he wants people to know what he stands for.

  18. My first attempt at live blogging

    I made a last minute decision to "live blog"  the event.  I, and a number of others, had been offered crednetials and space to live blog.  I believe that this offer was made both to bloggers who are supporting the Capuano campaign and those who are not.  I had originally declined so that I could "work the room" and connect with people.  

    But as I wandered through the blogging area, just as the formal program began, I decided to give it a try.  I am actually a very deliberative person and usually think through my posts.  

    I'm now curious as to how other people feel about live blogging?  

    • You did a good job. It's hard to make a synopsis quickly.

    • I always go back and forth about live blogging

      I think it's tough to do, but is an effective way to catch attention. People seem to like their facts as quick as possible, even to the extent that they'll sometimes pass on reading something because its dated, even if it's relevant.

      It doesn't hurt to liveblog notes and then post something more analytical/thought provoking later.

      Thanks for the chance to meta ;)

      • it's harder than it looks

        you did a good job Kate. we wouldn't have any contemporaneous news about the event if you had not taken up your keyboard and done it!

        • Thank You

          Thank you for posting the picture.  It added a lot to the post.  It would have been great if you had introduced yourself.  I tried to figure out who you were by looking at the point from which the piicture had been taken.  

          Mike, Josh, I and the other bloggers were up in the balcony looking down. By the time I had a chance to try to look for you, you may have moved.

    • Thanks Everyone

      I appreciate your generosity to a firt time "live blogger."  I've been thinking about it some and I think my heart is less with journalism and more with activism.  In general I am personally inclined to be more of an active participant in events than in to cover the event. It has given me an increased appreciation for people who live boog.  

  19. 6s all around

    for being there (!) and keeping us informed.

    I will never understand how you have the energy to do what you do, Kate.  

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