Coakley SEIU radio ad

There has been some discussion here recently about fraud. Such as the Scott Brown absentee voting push.

Today I heard an ad on WZLX for Martha Coakley. The ad stated something along the lines of “ we go to the polls this Tuesday to ELECT OUR NEXT US SENATOR”

Don’t we do that in January?

The ad one learns at the end, is paid for by SEIU.

Does anyone else besides me feel this is a bit misleading, or at least inaccurate?  

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  1. Just bad copywriting

    De facto, the winner of Tuesday's special primary will be the next junior Senator. It was in bad taste to ignore the final election, though...

  2. i listened and had a diff question

    can someone remind me why we have this restriction where entities can buy radio ads for a candidate so long as they don't officially coordinate?

    it just seems a silly distinction.  seiu had a plain vanilla vote martha message.  why would it have mattered much if they had asked the campaign manager "what do u want us to say?"

  3. the misleading part in that ad ...

    came from a reference that she is helping put stimulus dollars to work to revitalize our economy, how, I ask?

  4. MassEquality has a similar message

    I had an email from MassEquality about electing the next senator this Tuesday, and I had the same reaction - the election is in January. I don't care how lame the other party's candidate may be - we do still have elections beyond the primaries. And one never knows what might happen between the primary and the general...

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