Message from Mike Capuano

Hi folks,

Mike recorded this message for you yesterday. Thanks for being a part of this campaign.

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  1. Mike, Roger

    No other candidate engaged as frequently and substantively with the BMG community as you and your campaign. You have earned a reputation of being the best constituent services candidate in the group by virtue of your campaign's efforts with BMG in addition to compelling testimony from state Rep. Dan Bosley in his endorsement and your constituents in the eigth district.  Your responsiveness to citizens in a variety of forums and your positions on civil and Constitutional rights are two most compelling reasons to choose you as out next US Senator over the front-runner.

    You have my vote Tuesday.  Three family members - a brother from S Deerfield, a sister from Marshfield, and my mom from Sunderland - have chosen you as their candidate too.  Five of my friends (who are interested in governance but so busy with their jobs they haven't had time to follow the candidatewsa on the issues) have chosen you too. Win on Tuesday!    

    (note to editors - Constituent services has been a big issue at BMG in this race.  Does this diary merit front page location in recognition of that focus?)  

  2. You're by far the best of the bunch!

    Thank you for putting yourself out there as a candidate!

    I loved the way you travelled all over the state to meet the voters and answer their questions.  Kudos for that.  We need more like you in Washington!

    At a time when we have 60 members of the Democratic caucus - yet we still have to fight for a public option - it's imperative that we vote in the candidate who's has the most progressive position on all the important issues facing our country today.

    We need you in the Senate!

    Good luck on Tuesday!

  3. Class campaign

    Great job - No dodging, no ducking and working a day job to boot!  Finish hard.

  4. Thank You Mike!

    For being an amazing Congressman and for running in this Senate race.  You will bring so much to the Senate. You speak truthfully and passionately about the issues. I trust you to represent your constituency and not the special interests. I wish you the very best of luck in the primary on December 8th.

    Go Mike!

  5. Thank you, Mike

    It's a pleasure to support and work on behalf of a candidate who is so directly involved with communities, including BMG.

    David, Bob, Charley — surely this belongs on the front page.

  6. thank you

    for running your campaign with dignity, respect and class the entire way.

    We appreciate it and I will make sure I do my part to get you elected, right up until the polls close on Tuesday night.  

  7. Thank you, Mike

    I've never been prouder to be voting for you, Mike.

    Thank you for working so hard to encourage open discourse in such a short election cycle. Your dedication to  engaging the voters has not gone unnoticed. No other candidate has invested so much in meeting with the people and fostering thoughtful discussion.

    Your courage and conviction are an inspiration. Go get 'em.  

  8. Proud to support you!

    Thanks for speaking directly to us Mike!  While others are swaggering to the finish line; you are still working it!

    Working hard + closing strong = Victory!

    Editors: I this message should be on the front page.

  9. Front page above the fold!

    Awesome! Can we keep it here at least through tomorrow?

  10. This comment if for Frank Skeffington/Festus Garvey ONLY.. the rest of you don't look...

    Frank - Remember Kevin McClusky's TV debate?  With the rented dog?  Now I know what the living room looked like...

  11. Thanks BMG editors

    for highlighting Mike's personal BMG video thank you note.

  12. Thanks Mike


  13. Thanks Congressman Capuano

    and Roger and the Capuano campaign team.

    And thanks to all the BMGers who have provided so many timely, substantive, and really interesting posts about this Senate race. It's sort of a like a real-time discussion with a lot of very well informed and passionate people ... that lasts for the entire campaign. I've learned a tremendous amount.

    Good luck to Congressman Capuano and his supporters and all the other Democratic candidates, and their supporters -- and, ah, heck why not, even all the Republican candidates their supporters ... we'll all from Massachusetts -- on Tuesday.

    (BTW, this post was front-paged as soon as one of the Editors saw it.)

  14. I Like Mike!


    Tell Mike I have already voted for him here in Chicago with an absentee ballot and I look forward to voting for him first thing in the morning in person on Jan 5th (my first time in a real voting booth!).  

  15. Thanks for all your hard work!

    I've been glad to call Capuano my Congressman for years - and he's done a great job in the House. He's always been involved and active on issues close to me. It was a tough call for me initially this year in choosing between him and Coakley. I finally opted to vote for Coakley...this way I get my great congressman in the House and a powerful Senator in the Senate!

  16. Thank you Mike

    You earned my support with your record in Congress and your willingness to engage with voters directly. You didn't pre-screen questions at your Open Mike events and you tried to give thorough, clear answers that were not open to multiple interpretations.

    I'm critical of the Democratic party's swing to the corporate right and appreciate the way your candidacy gave status to ordinary citizens. Thank you for respecting us.

  17. Thank You Mike Capuano

    For running for this Senate seat.  Thank You for listening to the people you represent. Thank You for making thoughtful decisions when it's time to vote on legislation. Thank you for advocating for the middle class. Thank you for listening to the back and forth that goes on here at BMG.  

    I'm am so glad I've had a chance to get to know you.  Anytime I have a concern, I know who to contact.  I officially consider myself one of your constituents, even though I live in Hampden County.  Keep in touch.

    You're the best.  Keep working for us in the House!

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