Extreme Right Wing Tea Party Group Endorses Scott Brown

TPM reports that The Tea Party Express has endorsed Scott Brown.  In announcing their endorsement, the group said it will begin running TV ads supporting Brown early next week.   Hopefully the ad is a lot better than this music video highlighted on their web site for A Bail Out Song.

Now The Tea Party Express (TPE) is different from the Tea Party Patriots of the Michele Bachmann Capitol demonstration fame, this is the more kooky group including Joe the Plumber and Kenneth Gladney (the guy who got in a fight protesting health reform then asked for donations because he didn’t have health insurance). The Tea Party Patriots call The Tea Party Express a PAC backed astroturf group.

Extreme right wing groups do not normally endorse moderates, but Scott Brown’s actions as a State Senator did not give them pause; with his stance on health care reform along with sponsoring an amendment allowing emergency room personnel to turn away rape victims seeking emergency contraception and marriage equality as a referendum he seems to fit the bill quite well.

Will Scott Brown accept this endorsement?

TPM reported earlier that it seems that The Tea Party Express might have some other interests as well.

The political action committee behind the Tea Party Express (TPE) — which already has been slammed as inauthentic and corporate-controlled by rival factions in the Tea Party movement — directed almost two thirds of its spending during a recent reporting period back to the Republican consulting firm that created the PAC in the first place.

Our Country Deserves Better (OCDB) spent around $1.33 million from July through November, according to FEC filings examined by TPMmuckraker. Of that sum, a total of $857,122 went to Sacramento-based GOP political consulting firm Russo, Marsh, and Associates, or people associated with it.

David Weigel had a follow up to TPE’s response.  I found a posting of the endorsement and it reads more like a Ronco commercial than an endorsement.  They want to raise $100000 first, then they will air ads.

With polls showing the Tea Party movement more popular than either the Democrat or Republican ads, we here at the Tea Party Express want to run positive ads announcing our support for Brown’s candidacy.

But we have to act fast. The Special Election is on January 19th – just 12 days from now! This is an important election – and will be an uphill battle for us to prevail given the leftward slant of Massachusetts, politically.

But we must take action, for if we can pull out a victory we stop the Democrats dead in their tracks in their effort to secretly ram through their socialistic healthcare plan.

You can contribute any amount you can afford, from as little as $5 to the maximum allowed $5,000.

We’re trying to raise and spend over $100,000 on this race by Election Day. Therefore, we are hoping 500 of you can afford a contribution of $100 or more so we can quickly meet our goal and get up on the airwaves with the Tea Party Express’s endorsement of Scott Brown.

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  1. They should come to Massachusetts -

    Griffin's Wharf, to be exact, then maybe we can get it into their thick heads what the original Tea Party was really about - taxation WITHOUT representation!

  2. Viscious Cycle

    If the NY 23 is any example, whenever the Republicans come within striking distance of actually electing electable candidate, the wackos come back and wreck it for everyone. If only there was a way for Brown to get the tea baggers money without their endorsement he would be all set. But as more and more righties look to this race the irony is Brown gets more money but will lose a lot of credibility among the MA voters.  

  3. don't forget the anti-gay folks

    MassResistance has endorsed Brown.  There's nothing like having an SPLC recognized hate group on your supporter list!

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