Scott Brown’s Real King Philip Craziness

Scott Brown’s profanity laced tirade during an assembly at King Philip High School has been well covered in a number of places.  But, what has not been as well covered is his bizarre behavior following the event, and this behavior is perhaps even more indicative of his unsuitability for office than merely launching a swear-filled rant at a room full of high school students.

In the immediate aftermath of the incident, Brown gave different and contradictory stories about how he first learned of the Facebook page that set him off.  At various times he claimed that he learned about it from one of his daughters and at others claiming that he learned about it from a student and a parent.  Since the Facebook page bothered him enough to send him screaming and swearing into a room full of children, one would think he could keep straight where he heard about it originally.

Anyway, an even more bizarre part of Brown’s behavior was the justification he tried to use to excuse his actions.  He actually cited fact that King Philip had taught some kind of sex ed class (and even Catcher in the Rye!) as justifying his use of profanity in school.  Hear for yourself:

And he didn’t just use this bizarre excuse once:

Seriously, what in the world is Brown talking about here?  What kind of demented mind thinks that a school teaching sex ed justifies him to walk in and start swearing at a room full of students?  No matter what they wrote on their Facebook page.   He really has issues.

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  1. unclear if he ever apologized

    Though the Globe profile of Brown said that he apologized, it seems from the articles from the time that he was adamant the he wouldn't. He told a bizarre and frankly sketchy story about how there was one moment when he did wonder if maybe he had gone too far, but just then and evil gang of teenage girls dove by and actually swore at him!  At that moment Scott Brown knew that he had done that right thing and never should or would apologize to the large group of children at whom he angrily swore.  Ridiculously, this is not a joke, from the Sun Chronicle:      

    State Sen. Scott Brown said he was out for his morning run Tuesday wondering if he went too far last week in confronting high school students over foul language and the gay marriage issue when two female students drove by and yelled the f-word at him.

    Right then and there, he said, he decided he had done the right thing in calling out some students, and publicly repeating their foul language during an assembly at King Philip Regional High School.

    The school committee wants Brown to apologize for using profanity at the assembly.

    He said he has not decided what to do about the committee's position, adding "obviously they have an agenda."

    The committee never asked to meet with him before taking its vote, he said. Committee members said it is inappropriate for an adult and invited guest to use profanity in the school and he should apologize.

    But Brown said the jogging incident convinced him not to issue any apologies to the students who posted nasty comments about him and his family on the Internet.

    "I'm suppose to apologize to them? It's not happening," he said.

    Scott Brown really is the Sarah Palin of Massachusetts politics:  A weird, self-centered, closed-minded culture warrior in a superficially appealing package (so appealing that they both even had early success in beauty contests, Miss Alaska and Cosmo respectively), who is prone to gaffs and will never EVER pass up the chance to portray themselves as a victim.

  2. Censor?

    He thinks not using the F word in conversation is akin to censoring literature?

    This guy is a bigger idiot than I thought.

    And like all things Scott Brown, the rest of the state does NOT know about his tirade.This should be played up.

    • Maybe...

      There's a point in there, he just didn't make it very well.

      What he might have been trying to say was: Look, let's not be naive, teenagers are not going to be scarred by adult use of the F-word. We don't patronize them by taking it out of the literature they read. We even show them the F-word in action in sex ed class. Can you really blame me for, in the heat of the moment, not by bleeping it out?

      What came out of course was: "blah blah... anal sex! anal sex!" which is consistent with the general conservative tendency to bring the human plumbing to any possible discussion. Which from me is more sigh-provoking than outrage-provoking.

      I do think, rather like the Cosmo issue--if he were one of our guys, we would tell people to get over it.

      (I'm sure this issue has gone through lots of discussion over the years, sorry if I'm being redundant, relatively new to the site.)  

      • If he were one of our guys . . .

        . . . it wouldn't matter whether we told people to "get over" a profanity-laced tirade or a centerfold shot--  the mainstream media would run with it no matter what we did.  But, this is a typical case of what Steve Benen at the Washington Monthly calls the "IOKIYAR" principle-- It's Okay If You're A Republican.

      • I hear you

        but look -- it's one thing when someone who commands respect and has a camaraderie with the group crosses the line of politeness.  If a teacher, principle, or other member of the school leadership had used the word in the exact same context, I think it would be OK.

        Additionally, you get far less leeway to be impolite when defending yourself or someone close to you after the fact.  If he were defending more of a stranger -- or if someone else were defending him -- the rules might be looser.

        At the end of the day, his words were inappropriate, and he came off boorish and like a bully, and not an effective one at that.

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