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BREAKING NEWS – The Strollers are coming tomorrow, Governor Patrick!

Early Intervention has called for a “stroller-in” to Governor Patrick’s office tomorrow, 3/1/10.  Kids in strollers don’t vote – but their parents sure do.  Here is what I am told that the Patrick Administration is considering: Changing the Early Intervention eligibility standard (the delay a child would need to exhibit in order to receive services) from 30% to 40%. Currently, a child needs to exhibit a 30% delay. This has been increased twice in the past five years and is already more that what is required to receive special services in most school systems.  Also: •         Implementing a 50% delay standard for children with expressive language delays. •         Raising parent fees approximately 7 times or 700% the current fee and as much as 1,333% for families between 301 and 400% FPG. In the midst of the state’s worst recession when families are already struggling to pay their essential bills, this will literally price families out of Early Intervention and have the same effect as eligibility changes. I have been posting about “You can pay now, or you can pay later.”  These changes are a terrible example of failing to catch problems early […]

Niki Tsongas Should Resign

 While she still has a chance to do it with dignity. Sorry Jon Golnik and Republican pretenders, Sam Meas is going to win the primary. and then embarass Niki if she’s dumb enough to try to seek reelection. No snark intended at all. I attended a Sam Meas fundraiser last night. I was in the 5% minority of white people. The other 95% were Cambodian-American. Now I think we all know I’m a redneck. I never felt more welcomed in my life by another ethnic group. My closest previous experience was being adopted by a Puerto Rican family while I was in the hospital, always sharing the family lounge with them. Using real math, not democratic (inflate 5x), there was a crowd of at least 200 there, and more than half were twenty-somethings. If you dems think you have the youth vote wrapped up, you don’t.   Niki: there are 70,000 Asian-Americans in your district. The Meas campaign is actively pursuing them, and reaching them. Do the math. Better to resign than get whipped. Start chopping up the 5th now dems. It is about to elect a Republican in a big way. I pity the poor dem who has to […]

“As goes Maine, so goes the nation.”

At least Shapleigh. One small town may be on to something to fight corporatism.  Just say no.  People of Shapleigh decided that corporations are not people – they are business structures. Why not Massachusetts?  The 10th Amendment is still there.  Power to the people!  

Suffolk & Norfolk State Senate District

Hello All:

    I am glad to announce that I am presently a Democratic candidate for the office of State Senator for the Suffolk & Norfolk State Senate District. (Roslindale, Hyde Park, West Roxbury, Dedham, Westwood & Norwood.) I am the only progressive in this race. If elected, I plan on representing the residents of the entire district, and I have already collected nomination petition signatures from voters in all of the cities and towns in the district.

   As you may know, I have been actively involved in Democratic Party politics since 1983. I have had the opportunities to work on behalf of the Democratic Party and its’ candidates in the following roles over the years:

Central Falls Supt .Gallo given hero’s welcome!

Gallo receives warm reception from R.I. tax group By Neil Downing Journal Staff Writer NEWPORT – Central Falls School Supt. Frances Gallo was given a hero’s welcome on Saturday when she addressed the winter meeting of the Rhode Island Statewide Coalition (RISC), a group that generally supports lower taxes and smaller government. About 280 people – including business owners, some elected officials and some candidates for public office – gave Gallo a standing ovation when she spoke at the meeting, held at the Hyatt Regency hotel on Goat Island. So, after firing all the teachers at Central Falls High School – she gives a speech to the RISC Winter Meeting?  just awful! The RISC is a right-wing, anti-tax, anti-union organization.   check out their site: Rhode Island Statewide Coalition and this: http://www.statewidecoalition…. So to recap – we have a superintendent who just fired an entire high school’s staff of teachers addressing the Winter Meeting of a right wing, anti-tax, anti-union organization. Frances Gallo – today’s Worst Person in the World!!!!

Sen.Brown’s Tea Party Tribal Affiliation

On Jan. 19th, I watched the news coverage of Sen.Brown’s election to the Senate. (h/t Sen. Brown, you bested us) I was surprised to see the flag above appear behind the many Brown supporters that were interviewed over the time leading up to Brown’s speech. As an activist, I know “the shot” is a big deal. This flag was everywhere. I don’t know who it “belongs” to. Do you, kind reader? The “Tea Party” movement is not a monolith. I think it will prove useful to know which hook Sen.Brown hangs his tricorne hat on.

Two more stories of deeply questionable benefits

Today’s Globe story on municipal health plans is a must-read.  It’s quite long, but the short version is that cities and towns across the state are paying millions for guaranteed-for-life health benefits, even for middle-aged folks years away from retirement, and even for retirees who are eligible for Medicare (but who don’t take it because the muni benefits are better), and even when the recipients might have worked for the municipality only for a few years.  And we wonder why cities and towns have to keep cutting services, laying off teachers, closing libraries, and hiking property taxes. Also worth reading is today’s Herald story about bail fees going into court employees’ pockets.   The $40 fees are incurred by suspects who pay bail set by clerk magistrates and assistants after hours, when courts are closed. The fee goes straight to the judicial staffers – on top of their salaries of $84,000 to $110,000. This, I’m afraid, is insane and should be stopped immediately.  The defense is that these guys should be paid extra for working overtime.  (From the article: “It’s ‘unrealistic to assume you should ask people to work beyond their normal hours of employment without any sort of compensation,’ […]

How does this happen, anyway?

From today’s must-read Globe story on municipal health care costs: A six-month review by the Globe found that municipal health plans, which cover employees, retirees, and elected officials, provide benefit levels largely unheard of in the private sector. Copays are much lower. Some communities do not force retirees onto Medicare at age 65. Many citizens on elected boards – some after serving as few as six years – receive coverage for life, too. Coverage for life.  I mean, this is totally crazy, isn’t it?  You work for a few years for a city, and then you’re entitled to publicly-funded health care for the rest of your life?  The story of Elizabeth Debski — who, it must be said, did nothing wrong but simply took what was offered her — is a fine example: Elizabeth Debski spent eight years as Everett’s city planner, before losing her job in 2006 when a newly elected mayor installed his own team. But Debski did not leave City Hall empty-handed. In addition to her pension, Debski, at 42, walked away with city-subsidized health care insurance for life. If she lives into her 80s, as actuarial charts predict, taxpayers could pay more than $1 million in […]

patriot act renewed by Obama

It is America’s funeral after all. http://www.treasoninamericacon… I should go, want to go. No funds. Personally I think number 22 should be number one on this list.  Wall Street influence is miniscule compared to that of the globalist organizations. http://www.projectcensored.org… Excellent new videos up including a lamestream NBC affilliate story on chemtrails.  Yes!  Chemtrail mentions on lamestream media. http://www.wearechange.org/ See the Mike Murphy LA vid. pResident Obama offers to help Chile, Chile says, bite me. More super pissed people put up New World Order resistance websites. http://www.informationliberati… Answer:Black electrical tape over camera lens! http://www.informationliberati… FSD-Viagra for women? http://www.naturalnews.com/ Seventy-Five now! http://www.globalresearch.ca/i… Insert whale meat recipe in comments!

Unpleasant Wonkfact: Tort Reform Won’t Affect Health Care Costs

From the Wonkfile Archives, here’s an oldie but goodie link from August. Tort reform (more precisely, restricting patient redress) is just a way of croaking the trial bar for overwhelmingly contributing to Democrats.