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I’m surprised that a thread for caucus results has not been started yet. Maybe everyone is just getting home, like me. In any case, put your results in the comments.

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  1. Lexington

    Lexington elected 23 delegates and 4 alternates who are all pledging to support:

    • Deval Patrick for governor
    • Tim Murray for lt. governor
    • Steve Grossman for treasurer
    • Suzanne Bump for auditor
    • How'd that happen?

      Glodis goes 0 for 23?  So does Ross?

      Was this a slate, or did everyone in Lexington think and vote in lockstep?

      sabutai   @   Tue 4 Dec 7:00 PM
      • Electoral Math

        Caucuses are like the Electoral College.  A majority takes all, when done well.  If Patrick-Murray put 21 people in the room and Ross puts 20 in the room, the Patrick-Murray slate still gets all the delegates.  At least if there is good slate discipline.  

      • it was a slate

        But beyond that, there was only one non-slate person who put their name in for consideration. He was a Glodis supporter and non-committal on the other races.

        • Huh

          Slates seem to be rare in my neck of the woods.  What if you live in Lexington and like Deval Patrick and Guy Glodis?  you just hafta suck on it?

          sabutai   @   Tue 4 Dec 7:00 PM
          • Try to organize a competing slate

            I guess...

            • What Bean said

              It took a few people who decided to organize the slate and enough people interested in participating and/or supporting the slate. No one else bothered to do the same in support of any other candidates.

              Lexington has a history (at least recently) of slates, but having a slate for candidates in four races is a first for me. In 2006, the Patrick slate took all of the positions. I was not at the 2002 caucus, but if memory serves me correctly there was organized support for multiple gubernatorial candidates and a unity slate was negotiated and elected.

              • Hey, it's totally legit...

                Perhaps some people in Lexington learned a lesson about what caucuses are like.  If you like any candidate -- any candidate anywhere -- organize, and don't expect uncommitted voters at the caucuses.

                sabutai   @   Tue 4 Dec 7:00 PM
            • Or threaten to

              and get a "unity" slate where everyone supports DP but are "free" on some or all other races.

  2. Filled the slate in Arlington with DP supporters

    17 women, 17 men, 1 either (a man), plus 5 alternates.  Many usual suspects elected including Pablo, Lynpb, and me.

    Was remembering today that we first discovered BMG the day of our caucus in 2006, when we were Googling and trying to find out how DP had done in other towns.  I seem to recall ending the day at a DP party at a packed bar in Davis Square, where I think we first met Marianne Rutter from Boxford and other campaign stalwarts.  Hard to believe it was only four years ago; we've packed a lot of campaigns into that time.  

  3. Ward 3-2 in Cambridge

    Deval Patrick for governor Tim Murray for Lt. governor

    No motion on other candidates, but someone from Steve Grossman's campaign spoke briefly-I was voting for him anyway.

    I am a delegate-can't wait for June! :-)

  4. Attended 10 Caucuses!

    I attended ten caucuses in the district that I represent.  Strong Patrick Murray support and a lot of interest in Patrick-Murray and Steve Grossman.  Mike Lake had people at most of the caucuses.  Guy Glodis had a strong presence as well.  

    In the interest of full disclosure, seven of the caucuses I attended were at one location.  I made it to Marlborough, Harvard, Littleton and Acton.  

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