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(Bumped, in honor of Luke 8:17: "For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known ..." Stewart lays it out. - promoted by Bob Neer)

What a record for appointments Joe Malone has.  Just a stellar list.  An incredible array of talent.

Here is this week’s Malone Star — Kyle Keady from Shirley

Town Administrator Kyle J. Keady allegedly planted a video camera in the ceiling of the women’s restroom in Town Hall, secretly recorded visitors to his office, and illicitly bugged his assistant and the town accountant, authorities said today.

 Keady was appointed an Assistant Treasurer under Joe Malone.

Then there’s Jeffrey Stearns, Malone’s Deputy Treasurer, who was fired by Tim Cahill for having pornography on his computer, was then hired by U. Mass., and then fired when U. Mass. found out the circumstances of his departure from Cahill’s Office.  

And who could forget another Malone Deputy Treasurer, Bob Foley, the mastermind behind the theft of $9.4 million from Malone’s State Treasury?  

And my personal favorite thief, John “Trixie” Trischitta who Malone put in charge of the Unpaid Check Fund that he stole from.

Let’s not forget Malone’s friend and chief fundraiser, Richard Arrighi, who was also involved in that scam and was sentenced to 3 years in prison.  It was Arrighi who convinced Malone to hire Bob Foley, and then Foley paid back Arrighi by helping him rip off the Commonwealth.

Then there is that star Malone appointee, Mary Connaughton, CFO for the Mass. Lottery under Malone, now running on that record to become State Auditor, although, as the Lottery’s CFO, she never allowed a single, professional, outside audit of the Lottery.  Check out Joe DeNucci’s audit of the Lottery’s performance under CFO Mary Connaughton’s watch.

And now Joe Malone and Mary Connaughton are back in the spotlight, once again trying to serve the public, trying to add to their achievements, and maybe even break the Nixon White House record for corruption in government.  It’d be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.

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    I guess that when there are 27 professional Republican politicians left in the Commonwealth, we have to expect some randomness in their candidates.

    Great post, yellowdogdem, and kudos to David for the promotion and promotion comment.

  2. I was a Town of Shirley employee

    for several years, and Mr. Keady was more than a little sketchy in my book then.  I won't comment on my verbal speculation the times I saw him at school committee meetings, but I will say that my concerns related to his public behavior and manner.    Elaborating would feel like piling on.   I will say, however, that there were astute people right along who had concerns about him.   So, while this salacious stuff is shocking, I suspect more than a few people are less than surprised.  

    • A nice example supporting my idea

      that employees should always be able to CORI their supervisors, and especially the top dogs in the organization. Eventually guys like this get out of jail, and maybe they move into another sweet position via an uncle or something.  

  3. While the keady thing is certainly gross

    I hope you don't think you really expect this to stick to Joe Malone, do you?

    This just in!  Joe Malone appointed this guy under him, and like a decade later he go arrested for first degree skeezery!

    I'm going to stick with this not being within a mile of Joe for burning him purposes.  This guilty by association stuff doesn't work.  People don't care unless this juxtoposition shows that there was involvement.  Has anyone actually shown Malone was INVOLVED in these scams and crimes?  

    • Judgement and wisdom

      If Mr. Keady was an isolated case, then I would be inclined to agree with you. As the thread-starter points out, Mr. Keady is only the latest in a long string of bad judgments by Joe Malone.

      I demand judgment and wisdom from holders of national office. Unlike many Republicans, I expect that a candidate will not be "INVOLVED in [] scams and crimes". So what.

      I think he's shown TERRIBLE judgment about the staffing decisions he's made. In my view, that is rightly a significant barrier to his electability.

      • Was mr keady a bad choice over 10 years ago?

        I can see the point about the stealing and embezzlement - bad calls all around, but this hoopla over an assistant treasurer NOW and connecting it to him?  Seems desperate and detracts from the more compelling evidence against him.  

        • See the comment from lightiris, above

          It seems that Mr. Keady's "temperament" was apparent to associates in the town of Shirley "several years" ago.

          As I said above, it was only Mr. Keady then I would agree with you. Given the rest of his choices, for me it swings the other way.

  4. And we're still the corrupt unmoral ones right?

    • The way I see it, smart people accept that this stuff

      does not respect partisan boundaries- there are Dems and Repubs who will engage in various types of scumbaggery. Keeping a moral scorecard is not really a productive endeavor- though that won't stop a lot of Herald commenters from trying to do it anyway.

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