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Stock Market Has Best September in 71 Years

Further evidence, as if any were needed after the global collapse produced by the Bush administration and the near-immediate recovery that began after President Obama’s inauguration, that the Democrats are better at managing the economy than the Republicans. AP:

The Dow gained 7.7 percent in the month, making it the strongest September since 1939, at the dawn of World War II.

One chart to rule them all. Discussion here from WaPo’s Ezra Klein.

Why did “My Lord Stephen Lynch” win 2-1?

Esteemed commenter Cicero, who did a hero’s work on this interesting thread following David’s post “The Stein campaign is de facto over … she should make it official” about the Green-Rainbow Party (isn’t “green rainbow” an oxymoron of some kind? but I digress), posed this interesting question: Meanwhile, it’s just increasingly hard for me to find a home in the DP. The Democrats had what I felt was a terrifc contender in my district in Mac D’Alessandro, and I can’t fathom why, with Steven Lynch’s 42% approval ratings, he won by nearly a 2-1 margin. (Actually, I’d be interested in your and others’ insights on that). So what am I supposed to do–hold my nose and vote for a pro-war, anti-choice, pro-PATRIOT Act, anti HCR candidate to protect the Dems’ edge in the House? I know how important the latter is, especially considering the whackjobs taking over the GOP, but man…. I keep feeling like voting for “Democrats” like that means winning the battle and losing the war. Why did wretch Rep. Lynch (the noble title is Cicero’s) win this primary 2-1, and what will it take to defeat him in 2012?  

Social media can’t provide what social change has always required.

Interesting article in the New Yorker by Malcom Gladwell -Small Change Why the revolution will not be tweeted with a follow up online Q&A with Gladwell Key posits: Twitter had no impact on the demonstrations in Iran High-risk activism is a ‘strong-tie’ phenomenon (ie your facebook friends, twitter followers and bluemass online buddies won’t cut it to make real change, you have to make face to face connections) Affecting social change requires hierarchical structures Gladwell’s Conclusion But it is simply a form of organizing which favors the weak-tie connections that give us access to information over the strong-tie connections that help us persevere in the face of danger. It shifts our energies from organizations that promote strategic and disciplined activity and toward those which promote resilience and adaptability. It makes it easier for activists to express themselves, and harder for that expression to have any impact. Interesting food for thought… Yours?

Charlie Baker, the Rock Star

The other day, Charlie gave an interview where he said: Charlie Baker says he started getting a “rock star-type response” from some voters long before a new poll released over the weekend. We thought we would post a reminder for everyone what Rock Star status looks like in Charlie Baker’s World: Last time we checked the real world Charlie, this is what Rock Star status looks like: <a href=" html”> University police estimate more than 17,000 people packed onto a mall in the heart of the campus to see the president. Another 9,000 lined up for more than a mile to get in but were diverted to overflow areas.

No more loud commercials!

I know this is not a MA politics issue but those who don’t care can skip it. About time The Senate unanimously passed a bill late Wednesday to require television stations and cable companies to limit the volume of commercials and keep them at the level of the programs they interrupt. The House has passed similar legislation. Before it can become law, minor differences between the two versions have to be worked out when Congress returns to Washington after the Nov. 2 election. Praised be Allah, no more ear drum popping volume when the next Viagra ad comes on while watching Keith Olbermann and Rachel. Too bad they couldn’t have signed the bill today but I know Speaker Pelosi had to twist arms to get the House adjourned early so they could RUN AWAY from the Obama Tax Cut issue before the elections. What a bunch of babies!

Globe to offer new subscription website in 2011 The Boston Globe next year will split its digital news brands into two distinct websites, keeping free while establishing a subscription-only pay site,, which will feature all the content produced by the newspaper’s journalists, publisher Christopher M. Mayer said today. The change, scheduled to take place during the second half of 2011, is aimed at building an audience of paid subscribers online, a strategy that newspapers across the country increasingly are moving towards. With this approach, the company also aims to maintain high traffic to, one of the nation’s largest regional news sites and a site that generates revenue from advertising. will continue its focus on being a “one-stop source for all things Boston” that offers breaking news, sports, and weather, from a variety of sources, as well as classified advertising, social networking, and information about travel, restaurants and entertainment, Globe officials said.’s audience will have limited access to journalism that appears in the newspaper, but will have wide-ranging access to content the Globe’s newsroom produces throughout the day for the website. Genius, what took them so long? Whistling in the wind, information wants to be free? What do you think of this idea?

Harvard Pilgrim’s Medicare Bailout & Health Care “Competition”

Most of you will have missed a short article tucked away in yesterday’s Boston Globe, which – when put in context – speaks volumes about our health care system. Robert Weisman reports that Harvard Pilgrim – Charlie Baker’s former health insurance company – will be canceling all of its Medicare Advantage plans in Massachusetts and two other states, and will instead offer a plan allowing seniors to purchase supplemental coverage to traditional Medicare. This is particularly interesting in light of the recent retrospective article on Charlie Baker’s 1999 decision to pull Harvard Pilgrim out of Rhode Island, leaving 128,000 residents without health coverage.

Nacewicz Endorsed by Mass AFL-CIO

Hi BMG, Just wanted to relay the news from my campaign that we’ve been endorsed by the Massachusetts AFL-CIO. This is a tremendous honor for me as I’m familiar with the great work the AFL-CIO does for the Commonwealth. As you well know, they’ve been been a voice for those hard-working, middle-class families struggling to make ends meet in the state. I’ve been talking to folks in the Ninth District, it has become evident that groups like the AFL-CIO clearly have the best interests of working families. Thanks for your time BMG! Best, Stan

Rasmussen Goes from Toss Up to Leans Patrick

Rasmussen Poll released today shows Patrick increasing his lead slightly “including leaners” and Baker stagnating.  There are a lot of polls going around, so take from it what you will, previous poll in parentheses: Patrick 47 (45) Baker 42 (42) Cahill  6 (5) Another Candidate  2 (5) Undecided  3 (2)

Charlie Baker Lies About Harvard Pilgrim On WTKK’s Egan & Braude

Charlie Baker appearing on WTKK’s Egan & Braude’s talk show this morning lied about his actions while he was the $1.7 millon dollar CEO of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. Baker said he made sure no one lost health coverage before Harvard Pilgrim pulled out of Rhode Island – LIE – and that everyone was paid before Harvard Pilgrim Health Care dumped Rhode Island -LIE. As reported in yesterday’s Boston Globe expose on Charlie Baker’s tenure at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care many Harvard Pilgrim Health Care participants were left without coverage. In addtion, physicians who participated in Harvard Pilgrim Health in Rhode Island had to sue Charlie Baker and Harvard Pilgrim to get paid for their already performed medical services. It took those physician two years to get paid by Charlie Baker. If Charlie Baker LIES about his actions at Harvard Pilgrim Health what can we expect if he is elected governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Obviously, Baker has no intrest in the common wealth. Do we want to elect a liar?