Guy Glodis Will Reign

Watch your mailboxes over the next few days because Guy Glodis, candidate for Auditor, has delivered us a classic that will go down in the history of Freudian political slips.

His glossy four-page color campaign flier leads with the following headline:

Guy Glodis Will Reign In Wasteful Political Spending.

Copy editors of the world, you are vindicated.

Update: Photo added.

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  1. Who's got a scan??

  2. Not the best of weeks for Glodis

  3. What a typo - saying 'IN' instead of 'OVER'...

  4. Wait For It...

    The Glodis flying monkeys will be in here soon gibbering about what a crappy speller Bump is.

  5. My immediate reaction.....

    Oh please, oh please....

  6. Trusting

    Guy Glodis to oversee state spending is like hiring Michael Moore to guard a buffet.

  7. Points for Honesty

    Maybe Guy is being 100% upfront with his pamphlet?  Maybe it isn't a typo but his actual viewpoint on the way he will implement the role of Auditor?

    Has his campaign come out to say it was just a typo?  I cannot find it, but may have missed it.  If he hasn't then one can assume that his pamphlet as distributed was accurate and reflects his feelings.

    Hasn't changed my position that Mary Z. is the best person for the job.

  8. You folks have this all wrong...

    ...I talked to someone on the Glodis campaign and they have an expert opinion from an English professor who advised them on the wording of the brochure.  But my campaign source did me they are seeking a second opinion, as this English professor is apparently married to Glodis' accountant.  

  9. I was right about one thing...Glodis is trying to buy this election...

    ...for Suzanne Bump.  

  10. We are underestimating Glodis...

    ...this small investment in a mailing will by him millions of dollars in free media...forget about the Globe, the Herald, or all the Boston talk radio wind bags...we're talking Fox News, MSNBC, Leno, Letterman, Daily Show and Colbert...the Glodis campaign is playing Chess while we're playing Checkers...

  11. Will Glodis promise not to raze taxes?

  12. Great Stuff Folks!

    I am really enjoying watching you "raze" your own.

  13. Maybe it reveals a messianic complex.

  14. Maybe if Gloddis gets elected he can squash a former Audit report.

    From March 2010

    The audit also questioned a decades-old practice of providing staff at the Worcester Country Jail and House of Correction with free meals. It found $181,326 was spent on staff meals over a 14-month period, accounting for 12.6 percent of the jail's $1.4 million food budget and cited state law that prohibits state agencies from providing food to employees at less than cost.

    Now I'm sure supporters will spin this by saying it was a "decades old" practice... but Gloddis himself "defended" the practice saying...

    Mr. Glodis defended the free meals saying it would be more costly to taxpayers to negotiate a change in the practice with unions than to eliminate it.

    WIll this be his attitude as Auditor, "... well politicians being crooked is a "decades-old practice" so letting them continue to be crooked will be more costly..."

    PS Has Gloddis ever held a job that wasn't feeding off the public teat?

  15. A Christmas Question On A Long Labor Day Weekend (from a friend)

    Inquiring minds want to know --  (or is it "enquiring mineds wont too no"?):

    Did Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer reign over the other reindeer in the rain as well as the fog


    was Santa forced to rein Rudolf in when Rudolf attempted to reign over the other reindeer when it wasn't foggy but rainy??

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