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Day October 10, 2010

Huh?? “Asia Rises on Hopes of More Fed Support”

The most befuddling thing is happening in the global markets.  It seems foreign markets are excited about poor job numbers in the U.S. because that may cause the Fed to print more free money. From CNBC.com Asia Rises on Hopes of More Fed Support Asian markets were off to a positive start Monday, tracking gains on Wall Street and as weak U.S. job data spurred expectations for further stimulus measures by the Federal Reserve. I’ve grown really tired of these back door bailouts by the Fed.  I don’t entirely understand it, but it seems to me that they’ve been doing plenty of it, and I just don’t see it as a solution that is really helping our economy.  I suppose that it may prevent another market crash, but at this point, is it really a good idea to keep it artifically inflated.  Especially when the next step is to continue to keep it artificially inflated, and then the next step after that is to keep it artificially inflated some more? There is something so wrong with what is going on.  It’s not a left or right issue; it’s a capitalist gone wild issue.  It’s just not going to work. This […]

“Snow Hurricane” Hits Massachusetts … in 1804

The Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities reminds us just how much our climate has changed in the past 200 years. The idea of five to 14 inches of snow in early October seems almost impossible today. …in 1804, a “snow hurricane” struck Massachusetts. The storm began with winds so powerful that whole forests were leveled. Houses, barns, chimneys, and church steeples came crashing down. Even when the wind subsided, it continued to snow. As much as two feet fell in some places. Fruit was blown off trees and potatoes froze in the ground. Hundreds of cattle, sheep, and poultry died. Ships at anchor collided with each other and nearby wharves, killing the men on board. So many oaks and pines were lost that it was decades before the state’s shipbuilding industry recovered. In some parts of Massachusetts, the storm changed the landscape so dramatically that people felt as though they were suddenly living in a new and unfamiliar place.

Conversations with the Governor – Public Policy Forum in Lexington TODAY 10/11/10

Governor Patrick will headline the Public Policy Forum to kick off its 16th season.  

WHEN:  10/11/10 starting at 7:00 PM.

WHERE:  Cary Hall, 1605 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington, Massachusetts.

While forums are normally held at the historic Depot in Lexington, this special forum will take place at Cary Hall, 1605 Mass. Ave., Lexington, both to accommodate the large audience expected and to have the ability to broadcast the event live on local cable television.  Audience participation is encouraged and questions and comments from the floor will shape the discussion.

You may wish to frame your questions in advance, and have these questions ready to read when you are called on.  There are usually “roving microphones” or else, one set up in either aisle and people line up to ask questions at Rep.Kaufman’s Public Policy Forums.  That aspect of the format seems to depend on attendance.  Rather than a stump speech, the Governor will be expected to answer all questions, and I have always seen this done fairly at Rep. Kaurman’s forums.  There is no charge,  you do NOT need a ticket; parking can be at a premium so it is sensible to carpool if you are able to arrange to do so.

The schedule for the rest of the forums scheduled over the next twelve months is below the fold.  

Bent Angle, Sharron Angle’s Major Flip Flop

Tea Party darling, Sharron Angle has apparently decided that politics as usual suits her better than sticking to her previously held Tea Party Movement principles. In an development that has been reported on both the left and the right, Angle has abandoned her previous positions on privatizing both Social Security and the Veterans Administration. Likewise, her attitude that unemployment insurance is welfare has been abondoned for the latest spin du jour. Think I’m putting you on? Well here it is from the conservative organ NewsMax:” In a dramatic shift, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle said Saturday she wouldn’t work to privatize Veterans Affairs, dismantle Social Security or dismiss unemployment benefits as welfare… Angle on Saturday denied she had called for the end of the VA…In another slight change Saturday, Angle said of unemployment: “We pay into it, so in some respects, it is an insurance policy that we bought into with our paychecks.” She described it previously as a “system of entitlement.” At the same time, another prominent Nevada Republican has decided against Angle and thrown her support to Harry Reid. As reported in yesterday’s New York Times: “Harry Reid can now boast a second Republican feather in his […]

The latest from FiveThirtyEight: we can have a great day in MA on Nov. 2, if we work for it!

You know how this is supposed to be the Republicans’ big year and all, and how they’re going to walk all over the Dems in every close election?

Fuhgeddaboudit.  At least in Massachusetts, a hard look at the numbers shows that the Democrats can and should win every tight race.  All we have to do is work for it.

FiveThirtyEight.com is the best number-cruncher out there.  In the closest MA races – the Governor’s race and the 10th congressional district – 538 shows the Dems with roughly a 75% chance of winning.  Details, and how to make it happen, on the flip.

Loscocco-gate: the gift that keeps on giving

There’s no end of entertaining news stories, commentary, and other tidbits about Paul Loscocco’s defection and the subsequent lawsuit by Tim Cahill against the treacherous consultants who appear to have engineered the whole thing.  Today’s sampling:

  • Loscocco might want to update his Twitter page.  This screenshot is from this morning (click for larger).

  • Howie Carr theorizes that Cahill’s lawsuit was a strategic ploy by Cahill to keep John Tierney and Suzanne Bump off the front page.  Hilarious.  I particularly like this bit:
    Think of this election year for Massachusetts Democrats as a World War II movie – the Americans are pinned down by the Krauts. It looks grim for Brooklyn and Tex and the rest of Sgt. Rock’s platoon, but then one of the quiet guys, Pfc. Cahill, suddenly jumps up and runs straight up the hill at the Nazis’ machine-gun nest. He slays dozens of Jerrys with his submachine and draws all their fire as his buddies slip away . . .

    Did Howie just analogize the Mass. GOP to the Nazis?

  • Sticking with the Herald, for a second, Peter Gelzinis has harsh words for the Baker operation, and especially for the traitorous Gang of Four (Weaver, Meldrum, Yob, and Zannetti).
    I think the firebomb Cahill unleashed Thursday may well have been the only moment of true enlightenment this campaign has seen: For all of the scripted yap about a “new way of doing business on Beacon Hill,” Cahill’s suit proves there is nothing new under the sun.

    Charlie Baker’s brand of political sausage-making smells just as bad as everybody elses. A pol is a pol is a . . .

    You hardly need to study the e-mails Cahill included in his suit to see that it didn’t take long for this group of political whores – who once claimed to believe in his maverick effort – to go scampering back to the Baker tent…. The e-mails are written in the language of slimeballs.

Some off-topic notes after the flip…

Baker’s ‘woman’ problem – Joan Vennochi

Boston Globe’s Joan Vennochi is right on point in her Sunday column- Charlie Baker has a “woman problem.”Baker is not connecting to women who are the most consistent voters and that could make the difference in the November election. Vennnochi points out how inept Baker and his staff are in reaching women. Baker appears to place women back in the 1950′s with his recent fund raising event called: “Wine,Women and Jewels” which sounds like a mid 1950′s movie with Doris Day and Rock Hudson. Beyond that Charlie Baker’s alleged zeal comes with “an angry edge…and his eyes get that Jonathan Papelbon glare,frankly it’s a little unsettling” writes Vennochi. Joan Vennochi hits on the major visual and visceral difference between Baker and sitting Governor Deval Patrick and it is probably beyond any Republicrat media guru to fix because it reveals the true personality deficit of Charlie Baker. “That is Baker’s biggest problem. While he fumes, his rival oozes compassion for a family circle that is wider than his own.” Joan Vennochi is right on point. Like most corporatist bean counters Charlie Baker has a personality deficit which women voters pick up  on their voting radar. Women vote; women don’t like to […]

Lessons from The Candidates Handbook…

The long and short of it: Loscocco was incapable of looking inside himself to do the honorable thing: 1) When recognizing he had serious doubts about the election, Loscocco should have kept quiet and immediately scheduled a private meeting with Cahill 2) Expressing his concerns, Loscocco could have engaged Cahill about the overall viability of the campaign and suspected ‘improprieties’, offering Cahill the opportunity to answer and allay any fears 3) If Loscocco was still not confident, he could have easily allowed Cahill 24 hrs. to consider a response to the media before resigning the ticket 4) Kept his support of Baker mum for at least a week Tell me, what was SO hard about doing any of this?  If he EVER had faith in Cahill’s chances, Loscocco should have permitted Tim a crumb of consideration in announcing his departure, without standing in Baker’s shadow.  Now, I cannot help but wonder if he never believed in Cahill, but only signed on planning to upset the race at the 11th hour.  Far-fetched?  Perhaps, and for the voter’s sake, I certainly hope it IS far-fetched….   As for the consultants, let their side-winding behavior be a harbinger to those mulling high-priced advice […]

$10 for 10/10/10 in the 10th

This Campaign is about trust. And you can trust Bill Keating to stand up for Wall Street reform, to provide loans for small businesses so they can create jobs again, to protect our Social Security from Republicans, like Jeff Perry, who want to raise the retirement age for Social Security. When it comes to the issues, his character, and record, Bill is by far the best candidate in this race. But we need your help, and on 10/10/10 we ask that you please donate $10 to help us get Bill’s message out to the voters.   There’s a lot at stake in this election, and with your help we’ll be successful. Bill Keating (MA-10) $ <input type="image" name="startdonatecustom" style="border:none; display:inline” alt=”Contribute with ActBlue” src=”http://actblue.com/images/actblue-button.gif” />

Weekly Joke Revue: “Republicans, Leukemia Team Up To Repeal Health Care Law”

Onion: Republicans, Leukemia Team Up To Repeal Health Care Law.

WASHINGTON-Citing a mutually shared vision of health care in America, congressional Republicans and the deadly bone-marrow cancer leukemia announced a joint effort Wednesday to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the historic new bill that extends health benefits to 32 million Americans nationwide.

“Republicans have no greater ally in this fight than leukemia,” said Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), who was flanked by Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH), and the abnormal increase in white blood cells. “Denying insurance to Americans with preexisting conditions and ensuring that low-income Americans stand no chance of receiving quality health care are just a few of the core beliefs that the GOP and leukemia share.”

“And believe me, if anyone is angrier than the Republican Party that children can no longer be denied coverage for having preexisting conditions, it’s leukemia.” DeMint continued. “We’re a match made in heaven.”

Borowitz: “Hillary to Become VP; Biden Named President of Afghanistan; Karzai Traded to Minnesota Vikings Historic Three-Way Swap”

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) – In a three-way swap that may be unprecedented in U.S. history, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is set to become Vice President of the United States, Vice President Joe Biden will become President of Afghanistan, and Afghan President Hamid Karzai will be traded to the Minnesota Vikings.

Daniel Kurtzman:

“Christine O’Donnell released a commercial in which she says, ‘I’m not a witch.’ That’s pretty good, though not as effective as her opponent’s slogan, ‘I’m not Christine O’Donnell.’” -Jimmy Fallon

“What is it with conservatives? Seriously, I’m not trying to be partisan but it seems like if they’re anti-illegal alien, they have illegal aliens working for them. If they’re anti-gay, they turn out to be gay. If they’re super Christian, they’re a witch.” -Bill Maher

“Christine O’Donnell is behind, but I don’t think it’s the witch stuff. I think it’s because of her anti-masturbation stance. She’s very serious about that, and you know people in Delaware are going, ‘Come on, I live in Delaware, what else am I suppose to do?’” -Bill Maher

“EA Sports released a new version of the video game ‘NBA Jam’ that features Obama, Biden, Bush, and Cheney. Bush and Cheney play the first half, then Obama and Biden try to come back from a 6 billion point deficit.” -Jimmy Fallon

“There’s going to be a big debate next week between the Senate candidates there. This is the first debate for the anti-masturbation witch candidate Christine O’Donnell. She must be very nervous. If there was only some way to release all that tension.” -Craig Ferguson

“Christine O’Donnell has a new commercial where she says, ‘I’m not a witch.’ Isn’t that exactly what a witch would say?” -David Letterman

“Don’t f*ck with Todd Palin. He will make you an offer he can’t pronounce. You mess with Todd Palin, you could wake up with a horse’s ass in you bed, like he does everyday.” -Bill Maher, on Todd Palin firing off an angry email full of grammatical errors to Alaska GOP Senate candidate Joe Miller