jim mckenna kowtows to hate group

A while back, mckenna told bay windows he would support repeal of the defense of marriage act. Now that its too late for them to print a correction, he tells certified hate group massresistance that that was a lie and he actually is with them. http://www.massresistance.org/…

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       Jim McKenna Never SPOKE to Bay Windows. Actually, last week I heard him telling the Gloucester Republican Town Committee that he would continue with Coakley's suit about the subject. They were not thrilled, but accepted Jim's explanation that sometimes the AG has to do unpopular things. Unlike Martha "Amnesty for all" Coakley.   I hope this correction does not get me banned for not being a true blue cheerleader, but lies need to be corrected.  

    • missing the forest for the trees

      Someone authorized to speak for his campaign contacted bay windows and told them he opposed doma. Now, confronted by theleader of a hate group, he says he supports doma. Point is he's been trying to hide his bigotry but showed his true colors. Read the link.

      • Name Your Source(s)

           The link you provide favors McKenna. I am "in the loop" of the campaign. I know the persons named. Lovely ladies, inside and out. You can e-mail me the name if you like. I don't like spreading gossip on innocent people.   So how is Jim bigoted?  

  2. Why do you seem to specialize in hit pieces?

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