$$$upport the recall in Wisconsin!!

(This is an interesting case - very different from Blue Cross.  WGBH functions much more like a traditional non-profit, in that it raises money from the public by allowing its donors a tax write-off.  Also, WGBH's salaries are generous, but not eye-popping like what happened at Blue Cross.  Frankly, the salaries do not strike me as wildly out of line for an operation that is as prolific in terms of programming as WGBH.  Furthermore, federal funding is only a small share (8%, per the Herald) of WGBH's budget, and WGBH would easily survive its elimination (the victims would likely be smaller stations in less urban areas).

However, no PILOT?  That is outrageous and needs to end yesterday.  Again, I'm looking for someone to explain why that impressive building should not be subject to property tax.  So far, I have heard nothing convincing.

Disclosure: I am an occasional contributor to WGBH radio. - promoted by David)

To donate to the recall campaign via ActBlue

The Wisconsin Democratic Party’s email A recall must be completed in 60 days; the email also lists the dirty tricks played by the Radical Wisconsin Republicans.  One of the radical Republican senators who helped Gov. Walker strip workers of collective bargaining protections had won her seat by only 184 votes!

The Wisconsin Democratic Party’s website has links to donate, background, rallies, and an active blog.

Today we are all Wisconsin Democrats because the government we tolerate is the government that will control our lives, and the government that will design the future our children inherit.

I don’t want future government that controls my children’s lives to be the “brave new world” of oligarch control that will be the result of Gov. Walker’s power play.  Libertarians should be up in arms, outraged, not supporting this kind of “all workers are equal but some are more equal” Walkerian Brave New World!

Unemployed?  Go to Wisconsin and help make HISTORY!!!  

To donate to the recall effort by check, make checks out to:

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin

Mail to:  110 King St., Suite 203, Madison, WI 53703

To arrange to travel down and volunteer, call 608-825-5172.

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  1. POLL: Majority in two state senate districts support recall

    See where it appears the Walkerian Brave New World where "some workers are equal, but police and fire who donate to Walker are more equal" means that two Rapacious Republican state senators are very vulnerable to recall.  Of course, one of the Rapacious Republicans who claimed a "mandate" to take down unions won her seat with a stunning 184 votes.


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