Anyone here use CREDO? [With poll!]

It’s about time for me to get a new cell phone contract.  I’ve somehow gotten myself on the Credo email list, which means I get advertisements from them.  I’m not calling it spam, and I think they’re an interesting organization, as they claim to be a cell phone carrier who supports progressive values.

My question: does anybody around here use them?  What are their experiences?

I’m not posting this to be an in-blog ad, and I have no financial connection with Credo.  I don’t even know much about them.  Their website states that they grew out of an organization called Working Assets, and that CREDO gives tremendous amounts of money ($2.7M in 2010) to progressive causes.

Are they legit?  Do they provide good service?  More broadly, is it a good idea for customers to vote with their dollars?  Is it a good idea for businesses to become “red” or “blue?”

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  1. I use CREDO for land-line long distance

    Never any problems.

    My take on the "blue business" question is -- why not have at least a David to go up against an army of Goliaths?  

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