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Dear friends,

When Americans elected Barack Obama President of the United States, we looked for leadership. We looked for new leadership to take our country in a new direction. We looked for someone committed to leading progress and offering a new hope to the people of our country. We looked for leadership that would give us a government that works for us. Today we are announcing our candidacy for High School Democrats of America executive board because together we can bring strong, positive leadership into this organization and realize our true potential.


As a new executive board, we will work in all aspects of the organization to create achievable goals. We will transparently present them to the organization at all levels and ensure that members of the High School Democrats of America remain informed and enfranchised in the national organization. We will create benchmarks for those goals and make certain they are met. If they are not, we will demand that our leadership worksfor our constituents, not themselves.  Accountability is expected and deserved by the High School Democrats of America. Together, we will issue monthly reports to the Young Democrats of America Executive Committee, state and local chapters, and the media.  We will grow our membership through proactive outreach on the local, state, and national level. The executive board will develop grassroots strategies for organizing our members based on best practices used by national campaigns. Additionally, the leadership will increase our public presence. Through traditional media, new media, and direct member outreach, our strong progressive message will be spread and our constituency be kept well informed.

We have found that in America, all things are indeed possible, and that young people can effectively influence the course of our nation. The idea that high school students can come together, organize, and influence is inspirational and uniquely American. We truly believe the potential of the High School Democrats of America is limitless. Together, we can realize that potential and succeed.


Jamie Zieno – Candidate for Chair

Cody Jackson – Candidate for Vice Chair

Tyler O’Day – Candidate for Programs Director

Thomas Ashe – Candidate for Communications Director

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  1. Are you refering to...

    ...the High School Caucus of the Young Democrats of America, or is this a different organization?  Young Democrats of MA would love to reactivate the High School Caucus.

    • Both actually.

      We just recharted the High School Dems of MA in mass for which i am running for vice chair. this post is directed at the national lever

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