“Bad Blood” Tells My Story and That of Thousands, June 2

On Thursday, June 2nd, PBS will broadcast a powerful documentary that covers an important piece of my personal experience.

Bad Blood, which airs on WGBH on Thursday, June 2, at 6:00 and 11:00 PM, is the story of how a miracle cure became a death sentence for ten thousand Americans born with hemophilia. It is the story of a failed medical system, of companies and politicians putting profits before people, and of patients being kept in the dark about their very lives.

It also tells my individual story, through interviews and historic film footage from my own life. It is the story of a critical piece of American history, when thousands of patients, doctors, and families came together to repair a broken system.

When I learned, more than twenty-five years ago, that my lifesaving injections had exposed me to a dangerous virus, I made the resolution to continue living each day, always staying true to myself and those I loved, and never giving up hope. I was lucky, and overcame them both with the help of world-class medical care and the love and support of my friends and family.

Thousands of others were not nearly so lucky. Bad Blood humanizes this medical disaster, and tells the story of the powerful and inspiring fight to right the system that failed us and make it safer for all.

On June 2nd, Bill McKibben is hosting a benefit for my campaign in Cambridge, and I hope you can join us. I also hope you have the opportunity to watch this powerful documentary produced by Marilyn Ness, and that it gives you new insight and motivation to build a better life for all.


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