Mitt Romney – Riding the couch in an unfinished Belmont basement?

When Sec. Galvin joked at the Democratic Convention this month in reference to Sarah Palin storming New Hampshire the day of Mitt Romney’s announcement with “Did you ever think you’d feel bad for Mitt Romney?” I thought it was a joke. Segments this week on The Rachel Maddow Show, however, have me thinking twice.

I think we went over this after Scott Brown’s election – if Mitt Romney sold his house in Belmont and owned houses in New Hampshire and California, why was he voting in Massachusetts? Romney or a spokesman said that he was registered to vote at his son’s address in Belmont. That didn’t seem right then, but we had a lot of mixed emotions after the special election, and 2012 seemed far away, so I guess it wasn’t pursued.

Well, Rachel Maddow and Republican Presidential Candidate Fred Karger have picked up the slack. Karger filed a complaint with the Mass. Elections division and Maddow has featured the story on her show twice this week – including plans for the basement that the Romney’s are supposedly residing in. Never saw Mitt and the Misses as the unfinished basement types, but who knows? Karger hasn’t heard back from Galvin’s office, but Maddow got in touch with the elections division and was told that Romney’s possible violation of Mass. Election law will not be investigated. Crazy, huh?

I think election laws are important, and I don’t think someone running to be the leader of the free world should be voting fraudulently. Do you agree? Should Galvin’s office investigate before we see Romney vote for himself in Belmont in 18 months?

This video is the embed code for the Maddow segment, but seems to be pointing to Martin Bashir in the preview. Here’s the link to the video in case it’s still wrong after I publish:–his-own-party-1888296/#

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