Eric Fehrnstrom offers sneak peak at Brown’s 2012 Strategy

Bumped. This is actually not an insignificant story, especially given the clear tracks back to the Brown campaign as revealed in the comments. No comment from Fehrnstrom yet, as far as I can tell. A Globe story is now online here - thanks for the link, Glen! Also, WaPo now has a story. So far, radio silence from Fehrnstrom - apparently nobody can reach the guy. WaPo: "Fehrnstrom has not responded to several efforts to reach him." - promoted by david

Tonight at 8:05 PM, Scott Brown strategist Eric Fehrnstrom tweeted the following from his account:

I’m excited to announce that Cindy Creem is the newest hire at my charity, Be the Change #mapoli #masen” Source: 10:06pm 8/23/11 accessed via UberTwitter

Why in the world would one of Scott Brown’s strategists tweet a reference to Sen. Creem and Alan Khazei’s Be the Change organization? Why would he do it from the first person?

For any BMGers on Twitter, you’re probably familiar with the @CrazyKhazei account. For the most part, the account has been impersonating U.S. Senate candidate Alan Khazei and mocking him. This has become standard on Twitter, and the accounts seem to come and go. Not too long ago there was an account satirizing Secretary Bill Galvin called @LordoftheHill but that seems to have disappeared. They’re really not that funny after a while, and I usually ignore them. The same went for the @CrazyKhazei account until Eric Fehrnstrom tweeted that strange tweet at 8:05pm.

Kevin Franck of the MassDems caught the tweet at around 10:00pm and I saw him mention it a few minutes later and got the screenshot above on my phone. Fehrnstrom has since deleted the tweet.

What he hasn’t deleted yet, however, is the @CrazyKhazei twitter account and the 157 tweets he’s sent out. Let’s take a closer look at some of those tweets – they’re a bit more interesting to read into when you know it’s coming straight from Scott Brown (and Mitt Romney) top strategist Eric Fehrnstrom. I’ve selected a bunch and you can find them under the flip. The Elizabeth Warren ones are gold.

With Fehrnstrom on board with Brown pulling immature stunts like this, it’s going to be a long campaign season. It’s great to have this window into Fehrnstrom’s strategy.

Scott Brown/Eric Fehrnstrom talking point on “It Get’s Better Video”

Nothing new here, just the same old “jobs, jobs, not creating any jobs” shtick:

“I promise to devote all my time in office to making gay videos. Shame on Scott Brown for focusing on jobs! #mapoli“ 31 July via Web

And a little “Dan Savage is evil”:

“If someone said “vile” and “sexually crude” things about me, I would happily work with them. #mapoli #itgetsbetter2 Aug via Web

Scott Brown/Eric Fehrnstrom talking point on Elizabeth Warren

She’s a carpetbagger! She moved here seventeen years ago to run for senate!

“Elizabeth Warren? C’mon, this is Massachusetts, not Oklahoma #mapoli“ 31 Jul via Web

“New York Magazine defends right of Oklahoma native Elizabeth Warren to run in Massachusetts #mapoli20 Aug via Web

“Honestly, so far the only people I know who are excited about Elizabeth Warren live outside Massachusetts #mapoli #masen20 Aug via Web

“Not true. I saw her in Harvard Square once RT @3January2013 GOP Says Elizabeth Warren Has Basically Never Been to Massachusetts #mapoli22 Aug via Web

Doug Rubin worked as a lobbyist! It’s not that Eric realizes Doug is ten times better than he is, no way!

“Do you think Elizabeth Warren checked in with Steve Pagliuca before hiring Doug Rubin? #mapoli #masen12 Aug via Web

She’s Martha Coakley! She’s Martha Coakley!

“If you squint, she looks like Martha Coakley MT @JimmyCawley: Elizabeth Warren addresses Democrats in Dorchester Aug via Web

“Elizabeth Warren “another Martha Coakley?” Aug via Web

“Echoes of Martha Coakley? Eliz Warren’s supporters forget which “Scott” she’s running against #mapoli19 Aug via Web

She’s a lefty liberal! Pink right down to her underwear!

“Eliz Warren was too liberal to get confirmed by a Democratic Senate, yet she’s going to be our next Senator? Ooookay. #mapoli16 Aug via Web

She’s hiding from the press! Does Senator Brown open up all of his campaign meetings?

“How come Eliz Warren won’t open her neighborhood political meetings to the press or public? #outrage #mapoli16 Aug via Web

She’s a liberal! Still!

“On Eliz Warren’s listening tour, she’s only listening to liberals. I’ll listen to anyone crazy enough to talk to me #mapoli18 Aug via Web

Do you think he tweeted this before or after he sent marching orders to Eabo Clipper to write an RMG post:

“Elizabeth Warren’s political committee email address is, a DC lobbyist/law firm. Some grassroots! #mapoli18 Aug via Web

At least Fehrnstrom is scared enough of Elizabeth Warren to have done his research:

“Robt Reich RT @conoryunits Good question. Ever happen? RT @twallack: When’s the last time a Harvard prof has run 4 office? #masen #mapoli18 Aug via Web

@scottmelbourne I have a lot of oppo I’ll be dropping on Eliz Warren, don’t you worry.” 22 Aug via Web


“Elizabeth Warren’s “Cambridge centric” view Aug via Web

“Elizabeth Warren’s view of Boston . . from the Cambridge side of the river #mapoli #masen22 Aug via Web


@elizabethforma is not following anyone on twitter. Typical Harvard elitist. #mapoli #masen19 Aug via Web

Scott Brown/Eric Fehrnstrom talking point on putting fingers in David Bernstein’s mouth

This isn’t so much Scott Brown, but Fehrnstrom did block Bernstein on Twitter. It’s not high school, I swear.

“What’s up? RT @dbernstein Wife’s ill, email’s not working, & heading shortly to a wake. If you want a really cranky response, Tweet me a Q!”  31 July via Web

Scott Brown/Eric Fehrnstrom talking point on local newspapers and good reporting

Here Fehrnstrom goes after the Dorchester Reporter’s Gintautas Dumcius:

@gintautasd I admire your dogged reporting for a newspaper that no one reads. Is it online?” 31 July via Web

Scott Brown/Eric Fehrnstrom talking point on Setti Warren’s campaign and Newton finances

Fehrnstrom tosses a little comedic jab at Setti Warren’s campaign debt:

“Hee, hee. I wrote @SettiWarren a $2500 campaign check against an overdrawn bank account#settimoneywoes#mapoli#masen 31 July via Web

And on Newton’s finances:

“Setti is calling on Congress to return to DC to deal with S&P downgrade. He should get his ass back to Newton and do the same.” 14 Aug via Web

Scott Brown/Eric Fehrnstrom talking point on a balanced approach to the deficit

Fehrnstrom calls Khazei a tax and spend liberal. Shocking.

“Put me down for higher taxes MT @RWwatchMA Any word from MA Sen candidates on their assessment of the debt ceiling deal?” #mapoli July 31 via Web

Scott Brown hates taxes:

“The major issue dividing me from Scott Brown is higher taxes. He’s against them, I’m for them. #mapoli #masen3 Aug via Web

Democrats just want to tax and spend:

“The only reason the stimulus failed is because we didn’t do more of it. We have to spend our way to prosperity. #mapoli3 Aug via Web

Scott Brown/Eric Fehrnstrom talking point on Demoratic donors

They’re elitists! Elitists! Not like Tufts-educated supermodel Scott Brown. He’s blue collar.

“Just got back from sunny California. Thanks to all the elitists there for donating to my campaign#mapoli“ 31 July via Web

Scott Brown/Eric Fehrnstrom talking point on Coakley Comparisons

Eric really wishes Sen. Brown was running against Martha Coakley again.

“Warning to all press types. Michael Meehan is working for me. He does not like reporters. Watch: Jul via Web

Scott Brown/Eric Fehrnstrom talking point on furthering nasty satire

Fehrnstrom is impersonating Khazei, and tries to further confuse the tweeting masses:

“Apparently, there’s a fake twitter account out there called .@AlanKhazei. Please do not follow that imposter #mapoli1 Aug via Web

Scott Brown/Eric Fehrnstrom talking point on Tom Conroy

He was in the state legislature, and served under DiMasi!? Let’s try really, really, really hard to connect them!

“DiMasi puppet (snicker) RT @tomconroysenate: Met Dedham firefighters. They want better firehouses and benefits. #mapoli #masen1 Aug via Web

“Pssst . . DiMasi puppet MT@buckbuckaroo I like @tomconroysenate. He’s more issue based then the other Democratic candidates. #mapoli #masen6 Aug via Web

Scott Brown/Eric Fehrnstrom talking point on Glen Johnson

I guess Fehrstrom and the Globe’s Glen Johnson still don’t get along. Great video if you haven’t seen it.

“If @globeglen gets any skinnier, I’m calling 911. Just kidding, Glen. Call me on the debt deal. Voters should know where I stand. #mapoli1 Aug via Web

Scott Brown/Eric Fehrtstrom talking point on Scott Brown’s lack of town halls

Well, the other candidates haven’t done them either. They’re not elected United States Senators, but why should I have to do a town hall? At least he acknowledges Brown’s dependence on talk radio.

“Someone tell Scott Brown going on talk radio is not the same as a town hall. One of these days, I’m going to do a town hall. #mapoli1 Aug via Web

After all, Fehrnstrom says meeting with Brown’s staffers is pretty much the same thing:

“Being accessible won’t help you Scott! RT @USSenScottBrown Come meet with my staff in Berkley Tuesday, August 23” 17 Aug via Web

Scott Brown/Eric Fehrstrom talking point on the Boston Globe

The Globe is evil!

“Yo @GlobeMartyBaron. I have more anti-Scott Brown story ideas to share with you. I will call in the morning. #mapoli #masen1 Aug via Web

Scott Brown/Eric Fehrnstrom talking point on Blue Mass Group

I sense some sarcasm, which means you guys are just as evil as the Globe! You’ve really made it! Congratulations!

“I want to thank @bluemassgroup for their always honest and objective reporting on MA politics #mapoli2 Aug via Web

Scott Brown/Eric Fehrnstrom talking point on Patrick/Murray economic leadership

Fehrnstrom recognizes Gov. Patrick and Lt. Gov. Murray’s leadership on guiding the Massachusetts economy through recovery! Thanks, Eric!

“Yes, they have lead us very well RT @massdems The Patrick-Murray administration has lead the #MA economy firmly into recovery mode #mapoli3 Aug via Web

Scott Brown/Eric Fehrnstrom talking point on marijuana use

In favor, apparently. Or accusing Khazei of being a drug user. Which one, Eric?

“A bong MT @BU_Tweets Move-in is less than a month away — time to pack! What is one thing you’re glad you brought with you freshman year?” 5 Aug via Web

Scott Brown/Eric Fehrnstrom talking point on opposition going negative

As Eric Fehrnstrom does Scott Brown’s bidding in a clearly negative way, he accuses the opposition of getting ready to go negative:

“Despite the high ideals that motivated me to get into public service, I intend to go harshly negative on Scott Brown #mapoli6 Aug via Web

Scott Brown/Eric Fehrstrom talking point on the gas tax

Apparently Brown is against repealing the gas tax. Good. Take that, tea party!

“Setti also told @WuWCVB he favors repeal of the federal gas tax. He’s either clueless, or thinks he’s in a GOP primary #mapoli14 Aug via Web

Scott Brown/Eric Fehrstrom talking point on Bob Massie

Brown chooses to pretend Bob Massie is invisible

“Joe Trippi has done an outstanding job for Bob Massie. By the way, is Massie still in the race? #mapoli #masen14 Aug via Web

Scott Brown/Eric Fehrnstrom talking point on Khazei’s sanity

Aside from the username of @CrazyKhazei, Fehrnstrom again takes the opportunity to call Khazei crazy:

“Dear Mr .@HeyCallahan: From one crazy guy to another, how about a follow? Throw me a bone. #mapoli #masen16 Aug via Web



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  1. Scott Brown's online strategist leased domain name in January

    Whois Results for ‘’

    created: 14-Jan-2011
    last-changed: 04-May-2011
    registration-expiration: 14-Jan-2012

    registrant-firstname: Robert
    registrant-lastname: Willington
    registrant-state: MA
    registrant-city: Reading
    registrant-ccode: US

    Further research showed me that this man is Scott Brown’s online strategist.

    Robert Willington, Mr. Brown’s online campaign strategist, also has been a major proponent of using Google apps. His Twitter feed is littered with references to things like Google’s voice and wave applications. He even goes so far as to tweet that “It’s amazing how google docs is the foundation of the Brown campaign.”

    • Good catch.

      Are domain registrations tea leaves? If they are, you should check out who registered

      created: 22-Jan-2011
      last-changed: 04-May-2011
      registration-expiration: 22-Jan-2012

      registrant-firstname: Robert
      registrant-lastname: Willington
      registrant-street1: 12 Arlington St
      registrant-street2: 2nd Floor
      registrant-pcode: 01867
      registrant-state: MA
      registrant-city: Reading
      registrant-ccode: US

      chrismatth   @   Wed 24 Aug 10:11 AM
    • Is he on Brown's payroll ...

      this could get interesting.

      • They both are.

        The Shawmut Group (Fehrnstrom) has received $60,000 from Brown’s campaign this year 1/1 through 6/30 FEC Reports

        Willington Media has received $21,000 from Brown’s campaign this year through 6/30 FEC reports.

        chrismatth   @   Wed 24 Aug 10:31 AM
    • More Brown attacks to come?

      Rob Willington also registered the following according to WhoIs records.

      chrismatth   @   Wed 24 Aug 11:56 AM
      • Let's hope

        your exposure (and NICE job BTW) nips this line of attack in the bud! If we’re going to see candidates mocked, it’d be nice to stick to their actual records, instead of mere satire (like the Bobblehead campaign, which is outlining ACTUAL votes by Brown).

  2. article w/ quote from Mr. Willington

    It looks like the cite property for blockquote didn’t do anything, so here it is: Reaction to Massachusetts senate result

  3. Is Mr. Fehrnstrom TRYING to sound like a teenager?

    His posts seem immature and unbecoming of a US Senator he seeks to represent. Besides, shouldn’t a spokesman for an incumbent be touting his boss’ record?

  4. Knuckledraggers.

    I guess this stuff is scraps of red meat for snotty GOPers.

    I think Warren can handle the heat, however.

    WASHINGTON — Republicans attempting to grill Elizabeth Warren on the creation of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau had to be schooled repeatedly by the former Harvard professor Tuesday for botching basic facts and accusing her of lying.

    Warren, appointed by President Barack Obama to implement the consumer watchdog mandated by last year’s Dodd-Frank financial reform law, testified at a House Oversight subcommittee hearing dubbed “Who’s Watching the Watchmen?”

    But those overseers seemed to lack the basic facts about the new agency they were trying to oversee, with the hearing dissolving at the end in a remarkable dispute over how long Warren was supposed to testify.

  5. I know how this happens...

    …having multiple accounts of my own. I’ve DONE it before, except that MY tweets are not embarrassing and questionably tasteless, so a simple deletion or retraction suffices. The way it happens is if you are using third party software (in my case, Seesmic) to manage multiple accounts (and in my case, I can post to Facebook and to my Facebook Pages as well). If you have the wrong accounts selected when you post an update, well you see the result.

    I also posted on this, it’s too precious for words!

    • WTH?

      With the thumbs down? What, for saying that the tweets are tasteless? Well, they are. The rest of the comment is merely an explanation of how you can post to the wrong account. Good lord, stop being so sensitive.

  6. I think we can take the Brown positive message campaign ...

    and throw it out the window at this point. The only way Brown recovers is if Fehrnstrom and Wellington are fired from his campaign. The posts take on a different life now that we know if came from the Brown campaign.

    • Scott Brown on Negative Campaigning:

      “These are the same ugly tactics that were used against me in my campaign for the United States Senate”

      Scott Brown

      chrismatth   @   Wed 24 Aug 1:19 PM
      • Of course, that's totally different.

        Because Scott Brown is brave, noble, and pure of heart. Surely nobody would dare question his morals or integrity. Whereas his opponents are nasty, sordid beasts with no shred of human decency. It’s no wonder that Brown is expected to win both the Democratic and Republican primaries, as well as the general election, by over 100%.

    • Time for Brown to ditch Fernstrom

      He needs to show he’s not Romney’s puppet. I remember the dismay I felt when Romney introduced Brown on election night, saying “what a candidate!” I have no idea if he was stealing Brown’s thunder or owned Brown all along, but ditching Romney’s childish campaign manager would be a good way to set the record straight going forward.

  7. Fav tweets

    the schizophrenic:
    CrazyKhazei: “I was *cough* busy that day RT @EricFehrn Scott Brown runs Nantucket Triathlon, finishing 50 out of 763. Not too shabby”

    the ironic:
    “CrazyKhazei: “Agreed RT @buckbuckaroo I’ve realized most anonymous #mapoli accounts use really bad disguises. Even the lame fake ones. #masen”

    CrazyKhazei: Yay, my birthday! RT @dtfan579 @CrazyKhazei What RW “new media consultant” are you? I notice this domain was registered 1/14/2011 #mapoli

  8. WaPo has picked this up


    • And it just keeps getting better

      Both Fehrnstrom’s Twitter account and @CrazyKhazei went offline between the tweet in question on Tuesday night and late Wednesday morning.

      @CrazyKhazei then broke the silence by distancing itself from Fehrnstrom: “I just googled @ericfehrn and that guy is a loser.”

      Fehrnstrom has not tweeted since early Tuesday afternoon

      What is this, high school?

    • And Globe


      And hey, they mentioned the actual website!!!

  9. TPM's got it ... Eric. no comment.


    • Josh Marshall FP'ed to story


      If you’re a high-profile political operative running a sock-puppet twitter account about one of your client’s competitors, make sure you remember which Twitter account you’re logged into!
      — Josh Marshall

  10. bashing Romney?

    Why is Fehrnstrom comparing Mitt to Kerry for appearing on TV in front of a bunch of yachts? Doesn’t he work for Mitt? I know “Like Kerry” is not the image Romney is currently trying to project.!/CrazyKhazei/status/105816063517802496

  11. What really amazes is the

    cost-benefit ratio of fake Twitter accounts tips toward: don’t do it!

    Cost: Ferhnstrom’s reputation for competence, putting Brown in a difficult position, potential loss of Ferhnstrom to campaign, cheapening political discourse (but that’s 90% GOP discourse, so it probably shouldn’t count)

    Benefits: Ferhnstrom relieves his stress?

    I got 4 thumbs down about tweets being “scraps” of red meat for the party faithful, I must have struck a nerve. Because what negative effect could these tweets have on Khazei?

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