Run, Elizabeth, Run!

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Somewhere between 100 and 150 people came to “A Conversation with Elizabeth Warren” last night in Pittsfield. And all we can say is, “Wow!” She’s the complete package. I asked for reactions

Elizabeth Warren answering questions from a crowd of 100+in Pittsfield Aug. 19

Awaiting Elizabeth Warren's arrival in Pittsfield Aug. 19

, and I’m getting comments like this today:

“She’s intelligent, articulate, and witty … and she’s already faced down the crazies in Congress.

“Paul Krugman said, ‘she’s got the best credentials on the financial crisis of any prominent figure in American life,’ and I agree.”

“I liked her straightforward, clear and honest manner, there was real emotion but in a good way.”

“She is able to discuss complex issues in a ‘simple’ way, making them accessible to all.”

“She has proven in her past work that there is steel there too, and lord knows we need it!”

“She was very impressive and can do the retail politics like a natural.”

“We are fortunate to live in MA where competence still counts.”

“She truly is the candidate we’ve been waiting for. Run, Elizabeth, Run!”

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  1. Electricity

    If Elizabeth Warren’s appearance in Pittsfield last night was anything like her appearance in Framingham on Thursday, then she was simply spectacular. Her Thursday evening appearance in Framingham turned out to be quite an event. She was unabashedly liberal and she knew how to defend that liberalism effectively. You could actually feel the electricity and energy in the room. She was able to tell a story and relate to her audience. Every person there knew they were watching an impressive and dynamic figure who, if elected, would surely become an immediate leader in the Senate. There were persons in the room who were already committed to other candidates, many of whom are of unusually high caliber, but after listening to Elizabeth Warren, those who previously supported other candidates knew that she was the Democrat to beat. And, whether they stick with their candidate or not, they know that this was someone of substance who could defeat Scott Brown. I have not felt such electricity and excitement for any candidate for any office for a very, very long time.

  2. She visited Andover today as well.

    I have never attended such a crowded house party. All the elements are in place – biography, command of the issues, experience pushing back against a stubborn Congress. She says she’ll keep speaking out regardless of whether or not she runs or is elected, but she’ll have a much better platform IMO as a Senator than as an academic.

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