Elizabeth Warren’s Terrific Labor Day speech

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Elizabeth Warren gave a terrific Labor Day speech today at the Greater Boston Labor Council breakfast. The speech contained a nice introduction to her background and the place went crazy when she alluded to “fighting as an outsider or fighting from the floor of the Senate.”

Go watch. Here’s a link to a large portion of the speech:

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  1. Well, it's about that time.

    Prof. Warren said she will decide after Labor Day about a candidacy and since that day is now upon us I look forward to hearing sooner rather than later, and I for one am hoping she runs.

  2. Elizabeth Warren should not run against Scott Brown. Not because she could not have won but because she sabotaged her candidacy by deciding to take an insider tour through the state with the usual suspects-the democratic “elite”; the same people who failed when Martha Coakley ran against “Pretty Boy” Brown. Ms Warren is now and will forever be perceived as an insider and retail politics have changed in Massachusetts: a lot of people here are tired of the insiders (me included). Tired of bogus pensions, a power structure that does not listen, crooked house speakers, no show employees, crony employees in just about every state agency-the list is actually quite long-and she, Dizzy Lizzy is now part of that structure. As painful as it is to admit it, “Pretty Boy” Brown got it right when he traveled the state meeting with anyone who would shake his hand and talk for a few minutes. Dizzy Lizzy met with a bunch of people who are part of the problem and not part of the solution. If the democrats nominate her (which is questionable enough), then she will lose miserably (at least 60/40) to a guy who appeared naked in a woman’s magazine. How’d you like that on your resume/cv?

  3. Snarking

    from fear, are we Zissmsn?

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