“Hicks” – Parsing to the Point of Crazy Stupid

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to listen to our Left Ahead! podcast interview of Elizabeth Warren. (If not, please do, we went over a lot of important stuff!)

I wasn’t going to write about this, because it wasn’t even worth the pixels it was printed on to rebut the stupidity, but now I just have to express my snark on the subject. The Mass GOP, whose previous efforts to take Elizabeth Warren (who apparently, and with good reason, scares them out of their Chinos) quotes out of context failed so perfectly, thought they had another winner with their “but Warren used the word HICK! OMGWTF!!!!11″ press release. It’d be hilarious watching the MA GOP implode, trying to desperately spot their next Warren funny comment to hang some fake outrage on, if this Senate race wasn’t so serious and we weren’t in a terrible economy and so, need to choose our next leaders carefully.

So the moral of the story here is, the GOP would do anything…anything to distract you from looking at the issues straight on, because they know they are plum out of ideas Americans agree with. And they know Warren’s background, history, smarts, and down-to-earthedness is Kryptonite to Scott Brown’s reelection chances should he face her in the general election.

Hopefully this embeds – if not, view the NECN video that talks about this (it’s the second story in). Apparently, some conservatives blogs have picked up on the MA GOP’s call for outrage, and other websites have picked it up as well (this is a good story here).

I cannot fathom how this helps the MA state Republican party. All it’s doing is driving traffic to our podcast, which had a lot of really great moments where Warren states her platform. If people stop to listen to what she has to say, the MA GOP has failed utterly. Once again, they spread the good news about Warren’s words FOR her campaign. All I have to say is, keep helping us, MA GOP!

Oh, and as someone who came from a hick town herself, I was not insulted. Yes, I am a hick by birth too. Hicks unite!

[Credit to Mike Ball who has been following all the hubbub and sending me links!]

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  1. This is also proof

    that the GOP can get any spin they want into the media, and stupidity is no barrier to some media outlets picking it up!

    You’d think the media would at least have a stupidity/nonstory filter, but no…

  2. This does show how hard it will be for Brown

    to use both of his two favorite attacks on Warren – that she is from Oklahoma and that she is a privileged elitist, who “went to Harvard”. They really are pretty incongruent.

    (The GOP would have an easier time if it were Brown who was their opponent. Imagine how much they would go after.)

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