MA GOP apparently punk’d by prank videographer

The Mass. GOP was apparently trying to release a hard-hitting video against Elizabeth Warren.  But it sure looks like their videographer pulled a fast one.  What else could explain this truly hilarious effort?

Ooooh – scary! A woman who stands up for her principles and speaks with passion! How ever will our delicate sensibilities recover?

Seriously, though, if this is the worst the MA GOP can do, well, let’s just say that I’m not very worried.

Much more worth watching, by the way, is this quite funny parody of Elizabeth Warren’s announcement video. WARNING: NOT WORK SAFE (language).


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  1. The parody is hilarious.

    The parody actually should help her because the satire humanizes her. One of her negatives is that she can seem like a cold fish; the actress is really funny, maybe inadvertently showing a warmer side of Warren.

    • Pro.Ject.tion

      Cold fish? No, that’s the talking point. She in no way comes across as a cold fish. That’s what the R’s would loooove for you to believe, that she’s some Harvard-educated (wrong), elitist snob professor. But she comes across, at the very least, as folksy and down to earth. Which is why she scares you so VERY VERY much. She talks to people on their level, able to articulate very clear values and ideas, and when you meet her especially, she’s personable, pays attention, and really warm. That too comes across in non-personal venues.

      And she did promise to replace those pants Brown sh*t in when he learned she was running against him!

    • Agreed

      I like her better because of both videos

      eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Wed 12 Oct 10:30 AM
  2. The MA GOP is pathetic

    Look at the video that showed up on the side of the screen when I was watching their pathetic attempt at an Elizabeth Warren attack:

    They complain about the attack machine while every other video on the account is attacking a Democrat.

    And this one is quite rich – talking about the lack of support among Dems for GOTV!

    So I’m going to go ahead and ignore another pathetic attempt by the MA GOP at making a video… At least Willington’s are so pathetic they’re funny.

    chrismatth   @   Wed 12 Oct 10:18 AM
    • It looks like an effort

      to play the nasty politics game the way the national party does. All it does for me is to harden my opposition to them.

  3. Game changer

    Warren is toast. This video is a campaign killer.
    I mean taking a popular viral video, one where Warren says that the rich should pay it forward, then adding scary music and making it blurry is pure genius. And the scare quotes around “you”, I don’t even know what to say, except that it makes me want to run right down and register as a Republican.
    I hope the Mass GOP doesn’t have more of this sort of evil genius up its’ sleeve.

  4. Does the video...

    Go 3d at the end there? The image looks blurry, but if you look at the edges they are blue and red, like old school 3d glasses. Perhaps a secret message jumps out at “You.”

  5. MA GOP description

    “Throw Rocks” highlights the unapologetically violent rhetoric of Harvard Professor Elizabeth Warren

    Nassour green lighted and paid for this? I wonder how much it cost them. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. If any Republicans are reading this have you donated to the MA GOP recently? Ha ha ha ha ha ha.


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