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Have we not blogged this yet? But it’s so delicious!

Is this the best you’ve got, MassGOP? If so … you’re toast.


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  1. "Democratic pollster" Douglas Schoen

    He is one of the Fox News “Useful Idiot” Democrats . He has also worked as a lobbyist for corporate interests. Once again though, it looks like whoever made this video punked the MassGOP yet again. The discussion of this video on the Surreality Based Blog was very entertaining. Mr. Eno eventually devolved to a frothy mouthed discussion of the Democrat[ic] party’s “Alinsky tactics”.

    • Even if Schoen were the chairman of the DNC,

      The ad is a wide miss. OWC has no apparent love for the Democratic Party, and EW’s running under the Dem banner is likely a matter of convenience more than allegiance.

      The absolute best possible outcome of the Occupy movement would be a third party with an agenda of fixing all the things that corporate politics has broken.. (I can dream, can’t I?)

  2. There was too much, where to begin ...

    Charley if you get a chance to update, please add that the scary quotes from “Democratic” pollster Doug Schoen is a Fox News regular contributor who basically attacks Obama every chance he gets.

    But his analysis of his poll has already been widely panned as a misrepresentation. The video itself if pretty dumb and overreaching, but add to the fact the the MA GOP was so desperate that they took known misleading information. Here are the Poll Results:

    What would you like to see the Occupy Wall Street movement achieve? {Open Ended}

    35% Influence the Democratic Party the way the Tea Party has influenced the GOP
    4% Radical redistribution of wealth
    5% Overhaul of tax system: replace income tax with flat tax
    7% Direct Democracy
    9% Engage & mobilize Progressives
    9% Promote a national conversation
    11% Break the two-party duopoly
    4% Dissolution of our representative democracy/capitalist system
    4% Single payer health care
    4% Pull out of Afghanistan immediately
    8% Not sure

    Capitalist quotes they are pushing, that’s a minuet 4%. Crissakes, more people thought a Flat Tax was more important and that’s a Republican thing.

    Megan Kelly on Fox News even confronts him on his misinterpretation of his poll, via TP.

    His argument at the end was hilarious, he took a few small percentage items and and misrepresented them as his comeback, he just added them up to make it sound like a high percentage.

    How desperate is the MA GOP and how bad are Scott Brown’s numbers anyway.

    Bottom line, the MA GOP is Scott Brown to voters, Scott is not running commercials, this will be directly associated with him.

  3. Anyone else notice that..

    at about :31 or :32, the background image being played is a white shirted police officer beating people with a baton? Odd choice of imagery.

    • Nothing odd ... playing to their audience

      This is plain, old-fashioned fear-mongering, combined with pandering to the mouth-breathing arm-dragging “just beat the bejesus out of them” extreme right wing.

      This campaign is about the very soul of Massachusetts, if not America. The contrast is stark: are we willing to confront those who HAVE been waging class warfare for decades, or are we going to be fearful sheeple who rely on bought-and-paid for police thugs to silence opposition?

      All the bleating and whining about “Harvard elitist”, “Washington insiders” and the rest is all just chaff and smoke intended to distract us from what is really at stake. The GOP and right wing, fronted by their cover-boy Scott Brown, have been fleecing us for decades.

      It’s time we say “ENOUGH”.

  4. Oh Mass GOP,

    You are just SO CUTE! I want to pinch your cheeks and give you a big giant hug!

  5. Radical Redistribition of Wealth?

    If anything, this here is a radical distribution of wealth:

    Recognizing that such a distribution is both radical and obscene should not be characterized as a capital offense.

    • Wish we could animate the numbers

      I think a great countering graphic would be one that is animated, showing the redistribution of wealth that has occurred in this country, from the bottom to the top, from 1970 to the present. People seriously need to realize that wealth is being redistributed away from them.

  6. wait a second, is this even legal

    An interesting tidbit from the loyal opposition at the Surreality Based Blog Can the Brown campaign pay for the production of a video and give it to the MassGOP? Although, if the deep-pocketed Brown campaign paid for this video, I laugh that this is the best they can do.

    • The whole RMG thread

      is well worth a read. From Rob Eno’s fascinating obsession with Saul Alinsky, to edfactor’s spot-on criticism of the MA GOP for wasting time, energy, and money on nonsense like this ad when they should be building infrastructure (remember how John Walsh engineered the MA Dems’ best day in years just as the rest of the country was trending deep red), to swamp yankee’s out-and-out alcohol-infused hatred of anything having to do with Elizabeth Warren, it’s just fabulous stuff.

      • Eno/Alinsky

        I love this, too.

        Eno has a long, documented history of decrying out of one side of his mouth what he calls Alinsky-like tactics, such as demonizing your opponent, and then, out of the other side of his mouth, he berates Obama et. al. as Marxists and he depserately wants everyone to see every tenuous parellel between Obama and Che Guevara.

        Eno’s comments are consistently bizarre.

    • Surprised that whoever paid for this thing

      wouldn’t have ponied up a little extra to get the theme music from Jaws.

  7. I love how they

    keep quoting how she’s “thrown rocks” as if she was suggesting she threw rocks literally. It makes me chuckle.

    Seriously, though, the GOP continues to demonstrate that it has absolutely, positively NO PROBLEM lying like a freaking rug. They will SAY ANYTHING to get elected, lying about supporting things they’re blatantly trying to kill. The truly amazing thing is the length to which they get away with it — the fact that the media simply won’t allow itself to tell the world that the emperor has no clothes, instead creating false equivalencies or allowing GOP spin without fact checking.

    RyansTake   @   Fri 28 Oct 12:49 PM
  8. Just bad planning on the GOP's part

    Why do they think people will sympathize with people who think it’s incriminating to associate with people who are arrested for protesting (which is pretty clearly a constitutional right)? Particularly when they ad footage of those protesters being clubbed! I think it’s safe to say that most Americans don’t support police beating unarmed people no matter what they believe.

    And that they think that the people of Massachusetts will believe that everyone at Occupy is overwhelmingly Marxist because they got 3 people to say something to that effect on camera, when there’s 10s of thousands of people involved, and they’ve been criticized specifically because they don’t have a coherent message (which I also think is poor reporting) is just silly and bad political strategy.

    • The Right is obsessed with

      trying to smear the Occupy Wall Street movement. One of my students loves Fox News, listens to Michael Savage in his spare time, and keeps giving me the talking points.

      It’s all part of the boilerplate of GOP politics: smear, smear, smear, and guilt by association.

      In the Mass GOP’s case, I have a feeling its a matter of trying out for the big leagues.

  9. LOL

    I absolutely love Elizabeth Warren. She is so real that I almost feel like she is family. I can relate to her using the language that she does. Throwing rocks and “blood and teeth on the floor”. LOL. She’s just trying to kick it up a bit. That is her natural self, which she will probably try to change now that it’s getting so much attention, but I love the language. You know, she is just trying to express the intensity with which she fights. When you are fighting with the most hateful of people, sometimes you have to put on a strong suit of armor to protect yourself. I love this video. It’s so ridiculous that it should actually get her a few votes.

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