Occupy Art History: A Lt. John Pike Meme is Born

Lt. John Pike, the police officer who fumigated a crowd of peaceful seated Occupy protesters with pepper spray at U.C. Davis on Saturday has launched a new meme. See it here on Tumblr. The Washington Post has a good selection here. In the wake of the assault, the U.C. Davis Chancellor is fighting for her job, and Lt. Pike, another officer, and the commander of the Davis police department have been rewarded with a paid holiday placed on leave.


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  1. What Pike did was wrong. Anyway, more on JP

    My Inka Cafe table-mate Dino Ignacio drew traffic on his web-site (long since yanked) Fractal Cow. Dino impressed us all of his school-mates with how his comical editing of still-shot photos drew a global audience with his theme Bert is Evil. The site was unfair to Sesame Street’s Bert. Dino’s image of Bert with ‘Sama son of a Laden found its way into a hand-held sign protesting our foreign policy. Anyway, on bluemass I hope to see less of the bad cop Pike, and more of Democrat volunteers, staff and leaders. Jamaica Plain is a great place for fun meals not astronomically priced. Anna of Robinwood Cafe and Grille is the best waitress I had in my whole life in our universe. Tonight, Felix G. Arroyo expressed his resolve to push progressive policies against special interests backed with lots of money. Arroyo hoped that they would sleep behind the wheel, so our country could move forward. What might be in the purview of our re-elected Arroyo? My Dorchester friend suggests to me standardizing public basketball hoops to ten-feet sharp, so that working and disadvantaged youth could polish up for talent scouts and professional play contracts. Maddow had showed how stupid it was to change the hoop height on passing health care reform in our United States Senate. Well, b-ball hoops should not be as irregular as golf course contours. The NBA locked-out now had been the best payer of players, but small leagues sometimes pay OK. Mark Philips the MetroWest Young Democrats’ newly-chosen political director makes decent work of it.

    • What?

      On bluemass I hope to see less stream-of-consciousness ramblings and more organized thoughts and good use of paragraph breaks.

      Apparently neither of us will get what we want here.

    • Please run, Ramuel, don't walk

      to the nearest adult education center and enroll in a basic expository writing class. I’ve lived in Jamaica Plain all my life and am glad to hear that you like it here. But please, please, stop making our neighborhood look doofy with your addled ramblings.

  2. Quite a picture

    Devastating image; memorable.

  3. What shall we call this meme?

    How ’bout the CallousDisregardForHumanDignity meme? Or just the Sadism meme, perhaps. Which leads me to ponder… how different is what Pike did to these students (who were injured but likely will fully recover) from dispatching drone bombers that one can be reasonably expect to kill civilians?

  4. There's a good collection of

    Pike Pepper-Spraying a Peck of Pesky Protesters at Occupy the Game.

    My favorite caption: “Don’t mind me. I’m just watering my hippies!”

    Favorite pictures include Pike as Oz Spraying the Cowardly Lion, though I like one where he is spraying the Constitution black.

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