The Senator looks at the math

Math shmath. With smoldering good looks like that, how can he lose? ;-) - promoted by david

As reported by National Journal, Scott Brown’s campaign team is now figuring he will need to win 430,000 more votes in 2012 than he won in 2010 in order to hold onto his Senate seat.

Yikes — where to find them?

If his Boston College Law School yearbook is any guide, the answer may involve double counting. One pic not enough?


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  1. What the hell

    is he holding?

  2. He seems to have the same stern, but petulent with latent anger look in both photos

    I wonder if he was told it was his best look.

  3. Where I grew up in Wyoming

    We called this look “punchable”.

  4. I bet

    Lyman G Bullard and Paul E Burns wish they were on another page.

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