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Happy New Year from the First Ever Occupied First Night!

New Year’s Eve Bat Signal from Copley Square. Occupy Boston’s Women’s Caucus uses giant “bat signal” on the skyscrapers next to Copley Square to call forth a roll of honor, and light our way in 2012:

Three cheers for Montana – again. Montana Supreme Court holds that corporations are not people and do not have free speech rights

Montana Supreme Court free speech case The Montana Supreme Court has restored that court’s centuries-old banning of direct spending by corporations on political candidates or committees in a ruling released on Friday, December 30, 2011.  Montana has gone head to head with the high profile U.S. Supreme Court decicision Citizens United v. FEC which held that Corporations are the same as citizens, and have the free speech rights of human beings. The Montana Supreme Court which at its own site has a link to each justice granted a major win to Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock, who personally represented the state in defending its ban against corporate money intruding into elections.  Attorney General Bullock stated: “The Citizen’s United decision dealt with federal laws and elections-like those contests for president and congress.  But the vast majority of elections are held at the state or local level and this is the first case that I am aware of that examines statelaws and elections.”   This case was decided under Montana’s 1912 Corrupt Practices Act, which itself was passed as a citizen’s ballot initiative.  A corporate lobbying group, called “American Tradition Partnership” brought the suit in order to gain influence and overturn the […]

Obama’s Power (and Yours) To Fight Global Warming

Although things have been a bit dismal as the pro-pollution forces like the Koch brothers & Sen. Scott Brown have blocked real conservation laws & regulations, there’s encouragement out there: Cape Wind has scored a victory! This clean energy effort could be started within a year, to provide electricity for Cape Cod and mitigate the global warming effects which will really damage Cape Cod in the future. And President Obama has the power to stop a dirty energy project, the Keystone XL pipeline, which will open up some of the dirtiest carbon energy under Canada and pipe it over South Dakota & Nebraska. If America starts burning that energy, it’s game over for the climate. You can  send the White House an email to make sure the President understands how important it is to block Keystone XL and preserve our clean air & water. More pollution is not in the national interest, and stopping dirty energy would do a lot to raise the spirits of environmental voters in 2012. And when you have 42 minutes to really concentrate and watch a talk, check out this one by Lester Brown, a key figure in US environmental law. He points out how […]

Scott Brown works the media refs

Scott Brown complained to the Boston Herald this week that the media is not nearly as tough on Elizabeth Warren as it is on him. “Every single day of my existence,” he moaned, “I get tough questions from you guys.” Tough questions? And every single day? Well, maybe not on the day of this interview. The Herald reporter can be heard agreeing with him that the media really ought to be harder on Warren, which, while it probably felt totally validating, undermined his claim some. And here’s another day when Brown did not get tough questions from the media. This story, which appeared in the North Adams Transcript last January, is a masterpiece of the media softball genre, and it’s of special interest because Brown consigliere Dan Winslow once recommended it for its “great insight into why Scott Brown will overwhelmingly be reelected United States Senator. And why he deserves to be.” OK then. The story covers a visit Brown made to Western Massachusetts just after a snowstorm. He and North Adams Mayor Richard “Red” Alcombright visited Jack’s Hot Dog Stand, where he paid for everybody’s lunch and also fielded these inquiries from the Transcript reporter. Question: Are you fazed […]

Weekly Joke Revue: U.S. Toasts Stable Afghanistan From Top Of Freedom Tower

Onion: U.S. Commemorates 9/11 By Toasting Stable Afghan Government From Top Of Freedom Tower NEW YORK—In a moving and beautiful ceremony held atop Lower Manhattan’s gleaming, 120-story-tall Freedom Tower, the nation commemorated the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks by raising a glass to the stable democracy of Afghanistan and to a decade of unprecedented peace and prosperity across the globe. As a brilliant cascade of red, white, and blue fireworks lit up the skyscraper’s observation deck, those in attendance reflected on the horrible tragedy that improbably, and stirringly, gave way to a harmonized Middle East and one of the most triumphant and fruitful eras in the history of the great American republic. “A decade ago, 3,000 of our citizens perished in a senseless attack on American soil, and as I stand here today atop this magnificent edifice, celebrating the thriving republic of Afghanistan and all our allies in the now wholly stable Muslim world, it’s clear the U.S. has not only risen from the ashes, it has flourished,” said former U.S. president and master of ceremonies George W. Bush, who was widely applauded after 9/11 for respecting the rights of citizens at home and abroad while combating terrorism through […]

Mass. GOP’s new chairman maxed out to Deval in 2010

This seems unlikely to win new GOP chairman Bob Maginn a lot of supporters at Red Mass Group: The state Republican Party’s new chairman, Robert A. Maginn Jr., gave Governor Deval Patrick, a Democrat, $500, the maximum allowable under state law, during Patrick’s reelection campaign last year. Weird, huh?  Dude gave more than I did.  What’s especially weird is that, in the midst of a reasonably hotly-contested battle for the chairmanship, this factoid did not come out until now.  Here’s why: Maginn’s contribution has drawn little scrutiny until now because both his name and the name of his company had been misspelled on campaign finance documents, making them difficult to find. How convenient.  Here’s Maginn’s explanation for why he did it: His donation to Patrick, he said, was motivated by the governor’s support for a charity on whose board Maginn serves. That charity, One Family Inc., helps formerly homeless families and was founded by former Reebok chief executive Paul Fireman. It was Fireman who invited Maginn to the Patrick fund-raiser, a party that featured singer John Legend. “Those of us that run the charity were asked to come and support” Patrick, Maginn said yesterday, noting that the governor “was supportive […]

MASSterList: Talk show roundup: Brown on Warren, Hudak on yard sign – Romney boys swarm campaign trail – Maginn gave to Dems

MASSterCLIPS: What’s better than  watching a week of local political talk shows? A week’s worth of pols sounding off in just over four minutes. So latch your infantile attention span onto this week’s MASSterCLIPS to see Scott Brown focus in on Elizabeth Warren and his relection bid, Sen. Bob Hedlund discuss Ron Paul and Barney Frank, Andrea Cabral crack wise about Mitt Romney and Bill Hudak explain that pesky old yard sign on OTM. FUEL TO BURN, ROADS TO DRIVE: Can’t get enough of those Romney Boys? You’re in luck, as they are all over the place (Fox, Herald) while ‘man of the people’ Mitt keeps on rockin’ in Iowa. (AP) YOUR TAKEAWAY MAY DIFFER: Bob Maginn gave Deval Patrick money because Jesus would want him to. That’s what I got out of this, anyway. (Globe) PHOTO OF THE DAY: Chelsea housing tenants suffer, officials benefit – The Boston Globe (Photo: Wendy Maeda) VIDEO: Romney siblings stump for father in New Hampshire – My Fox Boston Thousands Expected For Firefighter’s Funeral Today – WCVB Boston Mom Wants Justice For Falmouth Soldier Killed In Apparent ‘Quick-Draw’ Game – CBS Boston Read the rest of the MASSterList, including the Mitt Monitor, today’s legislative headlines, […]

Want to know what happened in Court today as to the subpoena of allegedly Occupy Boston related Twitter Records?

Wish I could tell you – here is the most information you will find anywhere:

Scott Brown Flip Flops and Later Flips Again on Raising Taxes

This is why I can’t wait for more unfiltered Scott Brown in 2012. During is election kickoff media day he was quoted in the Globe with this whopper, emphasis mine: Brown, who used a South Boston diner yesterday for a round of brief, 15-minute sit-down interviews with Massachusetts reporters, sought to paint himself as a bipartisan, moderate Republican. He even seemed to leave the door open in the future to move away from his no-new-taxes pledge when he said was open to raising tax rates in an overhaul of the federal tax system. “If you want to raise rates or do something as part of overall tax reform, I am all ears,’’ Brown said as he sipped a whipped-cream covered hot chocolate at Mul’s diner on West Broadway. That seems to be a flip flop on his signing of Grover Norquist’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge(pdf), where he pledged to not raise taxes, eliminate deductions or even reduce deductions for that matter. Scott Brown’s handlers to the rescue, you see, when Scott said that he was all ears in raising rates, what he really was saying is that he’s opposed to raising rates: “Scott Brown is opposed to raising taxes,” spokeswoman Marcie […]

No Boundaries against Level 3 Sex Offenders at Occupy Boston?

An essay appearing at the Daily Kos reveals that Level 3 sex offenders convicted of preying on children were present at the Dewey Square encampment with the knowledge of some of the organizers. No disclosue was made until after the closure.A shocked mother learned that her young daughter had come into contact with a child predator. In the post-Dewey Square phase of the movement, the mother proposed to the General Assembly that Occupy Boston discourage the presence of Level 3 sex offenders–those determined most likely to reoffend. Shockingly, the GA deadlocked. In the 1980′s when some in the gay community argued that advocates of sex between adults and minors should be included as a part of our civil rights movement, a critical mass of leaders and grassroots activists said no. The North American Man-Boy Love Association was disinvited from participation in the annual Pride parade. In the years since it has become clear that our movement would have floundered had we not taken a strong stand against the participation of adult “boy-lovers.” If the Occupy movement cannot learn from the experience of other grassroots movements, it will not succeed in transforming society.