Christmas Holiday Open Thread

For the past couple of years i have initiated an open thread on Christmas Day. We talked about celebrating the holiday and more importantly not celebrating the holiday.  Since the legal holiday is today I decided better late than never.

I’ll throw out a few topics for discussion.  I may have missed it, but I don’t recall seeing much discussion on Tarek Mehanna’s conviction  Has anyone been following this? Was he convicted for his thoughts or was it a just conviction?

Any updates on who is in and who isn’t for the 4th CD?  What about Senator Fred Berry;s seat?

Well, while I was writing this, David put up an Open Thread, but with a different emphasis.  I’ll post this anyway.  I guess we both thought that we needed to get a little action going here!








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  1. Still celebrating

    Not by design so much as scheduling issues my family has a knack for taking literally the concept of 12 days of Christmas.

    Governor’s Councilor Mary Ellen Manning announced a while ago that she will seek the Senate seat being vacated by Fred Berry.

    • This is a good thing

      Glad to know that folks are talking about Mary-Ellen Manning’s announcement that she’s running for the Senate seat being vacated by Fred Berry. Hope you can make it to the kick off on January 19th in Peabody. Should be fun.

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