Once a watercarrier…?

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Question: is it ever a good idea, if you’re a politican, to say that there are occasions when you have not voted the way you wanted to vote?

To be more specific, if Scott Brown could take back this comment to the Globe ($) (made late in 2006 when Deval Patrick had been elected Governor and incumbent Governor Romney was about to depart), would he?

State Senator Scott P. Brown said it will be “refreshing” not to have a Republican in the corner office because he won’t have to “carry the governor’s water” and can vote how he wants to vote.


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  1. in light of this comment...

    …what do we think about brown’s comments today on boehner’s actions: is he tired of carrying tea party water, is he “having mcconnell’s back” – and how much has warren put the whammy on him?

    • Every commentary mentioned he is scared of losing

      The House stabbed some Republican Senators, who voted for this in the back. Not Scott Brown. In Massachusetts, his vote and his speaking against the House republicans is a HUGE gift to his chance of appearing independent. The ones it hurts are Senators, from more conservative states, who face or potentially face primary opponents – like Senators Lugar and Hatch.

      • it seems to me...

        …that we could also pick a few winners as well.

        i was going to mention the various democratic incumbents running for senate, but it’s easier to list the ones who probably won’t be affected too much: sanders, whitehouse, cardin, carper. all the rest are in purple states, and could use this well-timed gift from the republicans.

        this is great for tim kane, too, i’m thinking.

        • Absolutely

          Not to mention – it could end up a major factor in giving us back the House. Many Republicans elected in 2010 are in purple distrists.

  2. The Globe story

    with this quote was published Dec. 10, 2006. Author is Scott Helman; title is “GOP retools: it’s back to the pocketbook.” Just in case you want to check the archives yourself to be sure Brown really said this. And yes, he did.

  3. Hester, they mentioned you on DailyKos today!

    A short paragraph with a link to your post was the lead story in the election roundup this morning:



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