TV Ad Launched in New Hampshire Urging Lawmakers to Reject Bill Repealing Marriage Equality

The New Hampshire House is expected to vote as soon as the first week of January, 2012 on HB437, a bill to repeal the state’s freedom to marry law. 63% of New Hampshire voters oppose repealing marriage equality.

Standing Up For NH Families has started airing the following ad on WMUR-TV in New Hampshire as “part of a comprehensive, coordinated campaign demonstrating the strong bipartisan opposition to repeal, and to remind lawmakers of their responsibility to defend freedom and protect all New Hampshire families”. From the press release:

“This is New Hampshire. We believe freedom–means freedom for everyone, every single person. Politicians should let our neighbors live their lives and leave them alone.” Those are the key messages coming from everyday New Hampshire citizens in a new television ad aimed at persuading state legislators to oppose House Bill (HB) 437 and to listen to the people, who overwhelmingly reject repealing the state’s popular freedom to marry law and any attempt to take away freedoms from Granite State families. Click to see the ad.

Maxine: “This is New Hampshire.”
Craig: “This is New Hampshire.”
Dan: “This is New Hampshire.”
Berta: “The place we call home.”
Maxine: “We’re proud of this state.”
Dan: “And proud of what it stands for.”
Maxine: “We believe freedom-“
Dan: “Freedom-”
Maxine: “Means freedom for everyone, Every single person”
Berta: “Don’t take away the freedom to marry.”
Maxine: “We don’t pass laws to undermine families.”
Craig: “That’s just not New Hampshire.”
Dan: “It’s not who we are.”
Berta: “That’s not us.”
Dan: “We never use government to take freedom away from people.”
Maxine: “Politicians should let our neighbors live their lives and leave them alone.”

Gov. John Lynch is expected to veto any attempts to repeal the popular freedom to marry law which according to Standing for NH Families “has allowed more than 1,000 Granite State couples to marry and better protect their families” since the New Hampshire legislature passed it in 2009.

Standing Up For NH Families is “a bi-partisan, grassroots group comprised of residents and a leadership council of more than 200 civic, business, academic and political leaders”.

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