Commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King at the Arlington Street Church 1/16/12 at 6:00 PM

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  2. Dr. King and the Poor People's Campaign

    I have always believed that Dr. King died at least in part because he was turning his attention to issues like economic justice. The Poor People’s Campaign which was on the Mall in Washington from May 12, 1968 (just after he was killed) to June 19, 1968 and included Resurrection City was not a success either in terms of influence or numbers. It was probably too close to his death and lacked Dr. King’s Leadership. It’s legacy is the current Occupy Movement.

    My sister and I who were college students at the time went up to D.C. from Richmond for the first day. I had been at the March on Washington as a teenager and was disappointed at the size of the crowd, but was impressed by the diversity.

  3. launches today in honor of MLK

    Congress is completely controlled by corporate interests. We need to replace all(or as many as possible) incumbents with candidates that refuse corporate donations. In the past this hasn’t been possible, but with the rising use of social and free media, perhaps the time has come. The site launched today, and offers a very real oppurtunity to get people elected who truly represent their constituents, without any corporate money. Well worth looking
    Their video is very entertaining

  4. The Martin Luther King Commemoration at Arlington St. Church put on by Occupied Boston's People of Color Working Group was standing room only packed

    I think one of the most moving moments was 82 year old activist Mel King singing his poetry with the New England Dream Girls. We also listened to a recording of an excerpt of one or Dr. Kings economic justice speeches, and discussed it in breakout groups. Wanjiku Mwangi of United for a Fair Economy gave a terrific presentation. There was also music by the Earthdrum Council Drummers, poetry by Porscha Olayiwola and Janmae Johnson and more. This was a historic, and tremenously lively and uplifting evening of instruction, first person interaction, music, song, and food by Occupy Boston’s vibrant People of Color working group – they truly “knocked it out of the park.”

  5. I breakfasted with Idrees

    this morning on Newbury Street. The parking garage nearest 77 Summer Street was shutting during this Occupied event. Parking cost thirty-six dollars whereas good old Charlestown parking cost nothing.

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