Deserving charities for Brown campaign funds

In light of The Peoples’ Pledge agreement today between the Warren and Brown campaigns to donate 50% of the cost of any third-party ads supporting or opposing them to a charity of the opponent’s choice it is worth a moment to consider what deserving local non-profits should receive Senator Brown’s campaign funds should the opportunity arise.

For me, there is one charity deserving above all others: the MSPCA, to honor Seamus Romney.

Globe Photo from Jane Romney

Who are your candidates? A BMG mug to the most inspired suggestion.

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  1. One of my favorite banners at Occupy the Primary in Manchester NH dealt with this

    About 6 people carried a banner, which was six to 8 feet long with foot high letters that said, “I would not trust my dog with Mitt, why should I trust my country with Mitt” – so certainly a fitting charity in the context of this years electoral participants.

  2. Personally

    I’d go with ACORN, just to stick the knife in a little deeper.

  3. Planned Parenthood

    Planned Parenthood supports women’s rights. Planned Parenthood helps prevent poverty. Planned Parenthood supports health care for all people.

    Plus, man to conservatives hate Planned Parenthood.

  4. I have to rain on the parade...

    … and ask why charity at all?

    Why can’t the money go to the FEC for the public campaign funds?

  5. Food banks

    Proportional donations to Greater Boston Food Bank, The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts and Worcester County Food Bank.

    I’m not sure what the political spin is, but its the right thing to do.

  6. Union of Concerned Scientists

    Union of Concerned Scientists or the National Center for Science Education. Giving money to these important organizations will help our Senator understand that our current climate change is not part of the “natural way of ebb and flow” (as he was quoted in Jan. 2010) but rather caused by humans through burning fossil fuels and deforestation.

    Maybe through such a donation, he will learn a thing or two, and his “independence” from his party will allow him to admit that climate change is the most pressing crisis facing humanity. (One can hope, can’t one??)

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