Gingrich Carries Confederacy

South Carolina: Gingrich 40, Romney 26, Santorum 18, Paul 14.

The current national Republican coalition — the rich, plus religious fundamentalists and social regressives — coalesces into two representatives: Romney for the former, Gingrich for the latter. The twice divorced former Speaker of the House, evidently now the Family Values candidate, (“The Gingrich Question: Cheating vs. Open Marriage”) magnificently epitomizes the underling incoherence of his faction. Ron Paul and Rick Santorum reconfirm their status as afterthoughts.

Interesting exit poll results here.

Gingrich will be easier for Obama to beat than Romney, and even if Romney eventually gets the nomination this result will make his road more difficult and costly so, in all, these results are a step forward for the forces of reason, and some sand in the gearbox for the GOP.


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  1. Funny thing about the SC vote ...

    Check out the only income category Willard won, via CNN exit poll:


  2. SC Overrated?

    I think Gingrich’s victory in SC is being overrated by many (which is understandable since it just happened).

    Gingrich still has an uphill battle in Florida, partially because it is a very large state in which TV advertising matters a lot and because (probably more importantly) over 30% of the projected vote is already in due to Florida’s vote-by-mail system, which should favor Romney. If Romney wins Florida, he’s got a very good shot to go on to win every primary/caucus from here to Super Tuesday. Indeed, I’m not sure whether the particular states voting between Florida and Super Tuesday could be any better for Romney (which includes the relatively Mormon Arizona and Nevada and the home-field advantage state of Michigan).

    I’m certainly rooting for Gingrich to be the nominee or at least damage Mitt to the greatest extent possible. Unfortunately, though, I don’t see much of a path for Gingrich survival even after this Glorious Newt Victory that elevates Gingrich ever higher in the pantheon of human greatness (in his own mind, of course).

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