GOP presidential race in turmoil. Again.

Big news in the GOP primary race today.

First, it turns out that Rick Santorum, not Mitt Romney, won Iowa.

Second, it turns out that Newt Gingrich, not Mitt Romney, may well win South Carolina (that is, if ABC’s interview with Newt’s ex-wife who claims he wanted an “open marriage” doesn’t do him in). Romney had been up in the polls lately, but Newt is gaining ground quickly, and Rick Perry dropped out today to endorse him.

If Newt does manage a win in South Carolina, that will mean that instead of going an extraordinary 3-for-3 in the first three races, Romney will actually have gone a pedestrian 1-for-3 – with the 1 being New Hampshire, which he was going to win all along.

Is not-Mitt, who has always been favored by the majority of Republican voters, staging a comeback?


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  1. Probably Newt's last stand

    which is both predictable and predicted; it serves to remove Perry from the field and further handicap Santorum.

    Repubs are highly disciplined folks, in the Newspeak sense of the word. They will soon settle down and eat their vegetables, at which point they will have always been at war with Eastasia backed Mitt Romney.

    • but it sure is fun watching the no-Mitt comeback ...

      just when you thought the Mitt bashing would be over early……

      they’re baaack!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mrs. Gingrich #2 Weighing In Tonight

    What will get the most viewers…the GOP Candidate Debate in SC…or the Second Mrs. Gingrich appearing on Nightline after? No contest.

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