John Kerry Had Cosmetic Surgery While Playing Ice Hockey? – Apologies to Kraft Family

John Kerry got whacked in the face playing hockey. Check out the photo.  While you’re doing that I’m going to check my annotated thesaurus to see when  they added the phrase “post cosmetic surgery bruising” as a definition of “hockey injury”.

I’ve never seen a hockey injury looking anything close to what this guy is sporting. A puck or a stick or a punch to the face does not bruise both eyes and the nose.

I really don’t know what to say other than this stands as another example of John Kerry’s pathetic attempts to prove to us he someone’s he’s not. What’s sad is the man has no clue. He’s beyond a fraud.


I’ll tell you who isn’t a fraud. Bob Kraft and his family. I’m all in. He won me over when he made Drew Bledsoe kiss him on the other cheek. Then watching his family enjoy the moment was good with all the grandchildren running around the stage.

And Jonathan Kraft is no “thanks Dad”. He works this thing. He paced around the stage with his hands in pocket looking like he was already thinking about the work that needs to be done now that the team is going to Indy. This isn’t party time for him, this busy as a bee time.

The reason I mention this now is because on reflection I feel my knocking Bob Kraft for being so self-promoting and recently for his casino proposal may have a slight odor of anti-semiticism to it. In fact I questioned whether Kraft would raise it in Foxboro like he did when attempting to build the stadium on the Boston waterfront.

Being parochial and unworldly I sometimes forget how anti-semetic the world (and out country) is. In 2012 America the Jews experience bias unlike other Americans not of color.  Irish, Italian, and Polish Americans were victims of discrimination when they arrived to this country. Today their grandchildren and great grandchildren may be marginally exposed to this in their life time. Most won’t even know it if they are discriminated.

So sometimes it’s good to be reminded that yes the American Jew is like most other Americans because their grandparents were also poor immigrants discriminated against like everyone else. But unlike most others, although bias continues against Italian, Polish, Irish, etc., it does not compare to the level of hate a small number of Americans have towards Jews.

Shame on me for whatever contributions I’ve made.



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