Warren’s million-dollar money bomb

If you haven’t yet heard, or checked out the updated graphic a little ways down this page, let me be the one to break the good news: Elizabeth Warren raised over a million dollars in yesterday’s “money bomb,” which was timed to coincide with the two-year anniversary of Scott Brown’s victory in 2010.  That’s a million bucks in a single day – for an election that is still ten months away, and in which Scott Brown, one of the Senate’s most prolific fundraisers, just reported raising a little over $3 million in an entire quarter.  The story gathered some national attention, even in the midst of one of the most frantic news days so far in the presidential race.  Meanwhile, Scott Brown’s reelection kickoff garnered this sobering (for Team Brown) headline in the (presumably) friendly pages of the Herald: “Scott Brown faces new obstacles in kicking off re-election bid.” Oof.

So I think you’d have to say that yesterday was a good day for the Warren campaign.  She’s been having a lot of those lately.


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  1. Not the headline he wanted?

    It’s kind of sobering when your election kickoff moves people to give a million dollars to the other candidate.

  2. "The story gathered some national attention"

    But not on the Lowell Sun’s website, despite the fact there was plenty of time to write a piece and despite the relevance of this to Lowell area readers…color me shocked. Nope, instead, TWO, count ‘em, TWO Scott “Wall St” Brown stories saying basically the same thing:

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