Elizabeth Warren has a “Serious Plan”

Scott Brown’s wife, Gail Huff was in a music video back in the 80′s, for a song called “The Girl with the Curious Hand”. Digney Fignus who sang and authored the song has re-written it for Elizabeth Warren “The Girl with a Serious Plan” and will debut it at a Warren fundraiser Sunday. He shared a preview of the song:

“Down in old D.C., where they make policy

“We need her, we need her, we need her, the new nominee

“Fighting corporate greed, the tough economy,

“She’s everything the country needs,

“She’s the girl with the serious plan …”

The Herald quizzed Digney about how Huff was selected for the video, he revealed the grueling interview process and said “she fit the dress”.

But my favorite part of this Herald masterpiece was from Colin Reed. Reed is Brown’s spokesperson, his comeback?

We’re still waiting for Elizabeth Warren to hold a fundraiser that is not at the home of a Harvard professor.

Good one. How much is Brown paying you again? Dude, that’s weak.


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  1. Beanbag...it ain't

    That Huff video was around during the Coakley race…much time was spent trying to diminish Brown and his model/news reporter wife with it…unfortunately, those efforts while fun for the kids on the campaign only ate up hours that could have been put to better use for Coakley.
    We underestimate Brown at our peril…this is not about too-cute-by-half lyrics …this ain’t bean bag.

    • what's beanbag ...

      but yes, everyone knows the video and it’s by no means a way to discredit Brown. I remember the video and wouldn’t name it when everyone was searching for it as a means to do so. It was my generation and knew the video. If you’re checking Boston news at HuffPost then you are the 3G guy of those 4G commercials where they get all their information late. It was already over when they posted it.

      This on the other hand is something different, a known story and the singer that as it turns out is going to back Warren, all with the wit and charm only the Herald could add, the cheesy comment from the Brown campaign was just the cherry on top. The article was so bad, it was good.

  2. Link to Gail squeezing the tube...

  3. This is an interesting artifact.

    I think Gail Huff looks younger now.

    What it has with the senate campaign I have no idea?

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