Not News: MA Health Care Reform still popular

Because it basically works. WBUR Poll: Most Mass. Residents Support State Health Care Law:

Selected WBUR Poll Data Points:

View On Massachusetts Health Care Overhaul:
- 62% of those polled said they support the 2006 law
- 33% of those polled said they oppose the law

Its Influence On National Law:
- A majority (54%) said they think the state law was a “major influence” on the national overhaul
- 28% said it was a “minor influence”
- 11% said it was “not an influence”

Romney’s Health Care Stance:
- 68% said they think Mitt Romney disagrees with the national overhaul because he’s “trying to win votes”

Duh, right?

Mitt Romney gained national recognition because of his constructive engagement on the 2006 health care law. He would have no national profile without it — he’d be, say, Tim Pawlenty. And he defends the Massachusetts law — while simultaneously vowing to repeal the national law which is the “same f$%@ing bill” modeled itself after ours.

No Swift, no Twain, no Onion could possibly make Mitt Romney sillier than he has made himself. He is beyond parody; a sad joke that he has made at his own expense. We know it. The GOP knows it. The media knows it. The sooner we drop the pretense of taking him seriously, the better.

And meanwhile, we have health care in MA, and will have it throughout the country as the national law continues to be implemented. Amen to that. Thanks and good work, Mitt.

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  1. "The sooner we drop the pretense of taking him seriously, the better."

    Republicans are apparently thinking along similar lines. All of a sudden, Rick Santorum is way up in most national polls, and is leading in the key states of Ohio and Michigan (!), while Gingrich is ahead in Georgia. Of the next 4 races, Romney is ahead only in Arizona.

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