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I hope that everyone enjoyed all the St. Patrick’s Day events across the state.  Once again we have lots of events coming up. Some folks who read BMG get my weekly newsletter.  I thought that I might try posting my introductory remarks and a link to the newsletter on a regular basis, as time permits.

A special event on Saturday is Senator George McGovern at a free book-signing inAmherst. Senator McGovern will be welcomed by Congressman Jim McGovern. And on Sunday folks have the chance to see another author, Bill McKibben in Weston.

A number of candidates have kick-off events and fundraisers. Senator Jehlen and Bob Dubois have Saturday events. On Sunday, Elizabeth Warren has a big grassroots event in Boston. Also on Sunday Congressman Tierney, DA Joe Early, Mayor Kim Driscoll, Rep. Michael Moran, Rep Sarah Peake also have events. Dianna Biacheria has a Wednesday event. On Thursday Madeleine Albrght is the special guest at an event for Elizabeth Warren. Other Thursday events include Rep. Mahoney’s fundraiser and Mara Dolan’s kick-off.

Young people might find the College Dems of Massachusetts event coming up interesting. Encourage young Democrats you know to consider attending.

Regional brunches and breakfasts coming up include 3/24 in Attleboro, 3/25 inWeymouthand 4/1 in Hudson and Sturbridge.

Democratically yours,

Kate Donaghue

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  1. The book is signing is an important event.

    A smaller book signing is scheduled tomorrow starring Chris Matthews of MSNBC selling his book on President John F. Kennedy. Anyway, I am in Rockport Inn now, where I will remain until tomorrow. Last night, we watched the NCAA basketball game on television here, although it was played live in Boston.

  2. Kate - the DDemDispatch is invaluable - I hope you post it hear each time it comes out, and

    Do a brief intro, high lighting some of the major events. This is a real service, and I may not have remembered to say “thank you” lately, so am doing so publicly, here and now.

    • You're Welcome Deb

      I appreciate you saying thank you. It is actually amazing how long it takes to right a brief summary. But I will give it a a try for a few weeks and see if people are interested. But it is one more step that takes a few minutes to do. Kate

  3. Second amberpaw's comments

    It’s helpful to those of us who do similar things in our areas.

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