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Well, BMG commenter Sue Kennedy has called the MW race for me.  She went out on a limb with 12/14 communities reporting.  At this minute the results are Donaghue- 2934 and Morrison 525.

According to an e-mail from David Kazis, the results there are Dawson 2009 and Kazis 1263.

On facebook, Tino Capobianco reports that with 50% of the precincts reporting he is leading 1,116 to 375.

Reports on other contested races?






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  1. Other races

    Other contested races include:
    Bruce Adams and Mark Kenyon – 1HH
    Greg Bascomb and Bill Rosen – HFW
    Brian Corr and Calvin Broan – MS
    Settana, Wilson and Holloway – NS
    FItzgerald. Patrich – PB
    Brady, Jordan – 2PN
    Vasques, Lantigua – 2EM

  2. Thanks, Bob

    It looks like I came in at about 85%. I worked hard. I am a firm believer in the axiom of two ways to run – scared an unopposed. I’m glad it is over. I learned a lot! Kate

  3. I just learned with Sue's comment that Faye Morrison was your challenger.

    That surprised me as I didn’t think a fellow activist who presumably knows all that you have done would challenge you. She has served on DSC in an affirmative action seat and could continue to do so.

  4. 2nd Essex and Middlesex (Finegold)

    I’ve heard that newly elected Lawrence City Councilor Kendrys Vasquez has defeated incumbent Willie Lantigua for that district’s male seat – hallelujah!

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