Guardian explains The Three Little Pigs in the age of the Internet

Quite a compelling vision of news in the age of the social blogosphere. Have a look:


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  1. Quite compelling it is ....

    and frightening on more than one level.
    I hate to say this, but the video brought the late Andrew Breitbart to mind and how all the whole media sheepdom bought his criminal crap.
    it made me think, too, about the stories that one can’t get the media to cover in ways that elucidate what really happened.
    Thank you Bob for this vivid, if grim, reminder of how important it is to pay careful attention to to the media and react out loud when necessary.

  2. nicely done video

    Ahh, I’m really glad you put this up. My son posted it to my FB page the other day and I watched it straight through three times running. V for Vendetta meets meets Babe. My reaction: man, I want them to turn this into a full-length feature. Beautifully rendered and creates that sense of (bewildered) immersion in a perpetual mediastream from the get go. Subtle, too: the reference to 9-11 conspiracy theory, etc.

    Maybe Anderson Cooper 360 could do something similar. On second thought, no.

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