Probation Indictments: SJC, Boston Globe and Carmen Ortiz Self-Interests

I just read the probation indictment. This piece of junk is literally the next chapter in the figurative conspiratorial gang rape of three private individuals by the corporate narcissism of The Boston Globe, the elitism of the Supreme Judicial Court aided by its flunky Judge Mulligan, and immoral and sometime illegal actions by unethical and media/political driven prosecutors who have kidnapped the word “justice” from the Justice Department.

Man does this hint at fasc.. No. I won’t say it.

Okay, let me break down the government’s case against Jack O’Brien, his hispanic (I think) female chief of staff, and the recently retired 40 year probation department employee. This will be brief. There’s not much to it.

1. Standing: The federal government cannot indict just anyone. They first have to show they have jurisdiction. To get jurisdiction against employees of the Massachusetts Probation Department they used the Commerce Clause. Because the probation departments deals occasionally with out of state vendors and works with other states re: the probation diaspora the U.S. Attorney claims jurisdiction.

2. The Crimes: Conspiracy, racketeering, mail fraud. O’Brien et al. conspired to not hire “the most qualified persons” for certain positions in the probation department to protect their three person crime wave the feds call an “enterprise” so they could continue to have the probation department funded to their liking,

They did this by “obtaining employment and promotion for individuals who were not the most qualified” (emphasis added)  and notifying the losing candidates through US Mail.

I know what you’re thinking. Is ita federal crime to not hire the “most qualified”? Well according to the feds it is if your company hand book says so.

You see, U.S. Attorney Cartman Ortiz (you will respect my authority) is not charging the three with violating U.S. law, or regulations or MA law or regulations. Nope this is a federal crime because Personnel Policies and Procedures Manuel of the Administrative Office of the Trial Court were not followed.

So all you good citizens out there that work for a company doing business in MA and  NH watch out. Let’s say you’re in charge of doling out the limited parking spaces at the office. The company hand book defines the factors for who gets a parking space and who does not. the persons “most qualified” get the spaces.

Ut oh.

Don’t use the mail to notify the poor sap that lost out on the space and still has to take the bus. Now you’ve committed mail fraud.

And one more thing, if you have an assistant he/she’s going down with you. And if you rigged it for the bosses son to get a pass tough shit. You’re on your own.

Soo, that’s my story. One you’ve heard many times before.

Supreme Judicial Court conspires with flunky Judge Mulliga, The Boston Globe and a federal prosecutor for a job power grab, professional accolades, and political advancement. In that order.

BTW, how did Judge Botsford’s son-law find out he got that court officer’s job in Dedham? Was i through the U.S. Mail? What was the quid pro quo. Who else has Judge Mulligan hired over the years? The guys always up the state house.



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  1. Big step up for the Globe

    Up to this post, Ernie’s been comparing the Globe to Goebbels. Now he seems to be backing off–no longer are they Nazi’s just “fasc”. and just a hint at that.

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