Scott Brown’s Piece of Advice

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You may recall that Mitt Romney’s economic policies left Massachusetts a distant 47th in job creation during his time as Governor.  Perhaps you read that Mitt Romney wants to cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans while raising taxes on the lowest-income Americans, privatizing Medicare, and cutting Social Security benefits.  In fact, you may already know that Mitt Romney wanted to let the American automotive industry go bankrupt and the foreclosure crisis to “hit the bottom.”  And you’ve probably heard once or twice that Mitt Romney likes firing people, thinks corporations are people, and isn’t concerned about the very poor.

It is truly startling that our Republican junior Senator, Scott Brown, has repeatedly pointed to Mitt Romney as the person he trusts most on economic issues.  Just one month after Brown’s election to the U.S. Senate, he said to a room full of right-wingers at the 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference: “Let me give you a piece of advice.  And it’s something that I think of regularly when I think of my challenges here in Washington.  If you want to fix something that’s broken, especially dealing with economic policies, you have to listen to Governor Mitt Romney.”

That comment didn’t just slip out during Scott Brown’s special election honeymoon.  He reiterated his support of Mitt Romney’s out-of-touch economic policies this week when he told Piers Morgan on CNN, “Well, I know that when it comes to dealing with the economic issues, there’s no one I would trust more than Governor Romney.”

To remind Massachusetts voters that Scott Brown proudly embraces Mitt Romney’s failed economic record, ProgressMass has assembled a YouTube video, entitled “Scott Brown’s Piece of Advice.”  The video features Scott Brown singing the praises of Mitt Romney’s right-wing economic ideas, and Romney himself explaining his extreme economic positions and philosophy.

We encourage you to post the YouTube video on your Facebook wall and tweet the link.  Share the video with your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors across Massachusetts.  We have to make sure that voters know what the Brown-Romney economic policies mean for the vast majority of us who aren’t Mitt Romney’s friends who own NASCAR and NFL teams.

Of course, in addition to posting and sharing the YouTube video through your social media networks, ProgressMass encourages you to show support by Liking ProgressMass on Facebook and following the ProgressMass Twitter feed.


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  1. I love it!

    Question: what is the status of this video in the context of the third party ads agreement? It certainly looks like a third party ad – will Warren have to pony up to a Brown charity for this? Or is it exempt, if no money was spent on an ad buy for it?

    • It's all about the ad buys.

      I had mistakenly thought that the MA GOP’s “Elizabeth goes to Hollywood” video might be a People’s Pledge problem, but as long as MA GOP wasn’t paying to show it anywhere, it’s not. People can produce all the videos they want, and they can post them for free on places like this. As long as we’re not getting any money from it, no problem.

    • Just a YouTube video, not an advertisement.

      In case there is any confusion whatsoever, this is just a YouTube video, not an advertisement. It’s not paid to run anywhere. As you put it in your comment, no money was spent on an ad buy; it’s not an ad. It’s up on our website,, and it’s on our YouTube page. We’ve promoted the video via our Twitter and Facebook accounts and e-mailed the YouTube link to our distribution list and, via press release (also on our website), to our media list. The rest is up to you. If you find the video compelling – if you find it as startling as we do how boldly Scott Brown embraces Mitt Romney’s failed economic record – share the video via your social media networks and e-mail it around. Spread the word, person to person, profile to profile, tweet to tweet.

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