Scott Brown’s plagiarism problem – with video!

It seems almost churlish to pile on about the fact – reported in the Globe – that Scott Brown’s St. Patrick’s Day crack about how Rick Santorum’s having Secret Service agents assigned to him might have been the first time Santorum ever used “protection” was nearly identical to a joke that Conan O’Brien told on his show a couple of weeks ago.  And if weren’t for the fact that this kind of thing has happened before with the good Senator, we might be inclined to cut him more slack.

But we’re nothing if not churlish around here, so we’re not going to.  ;-)  Here are the two jokes side by side; you make the call.

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  1. An intern did it ...

    He was just reading lines an intern wrote for him.


    • Summer Intern

      When Scott was caught plagiarizing his values statement, he said that it was the fault of a summer intern–even though the plagiarism occurred in February.

      So, now that this plagiarism occurred in March, it must also be a summer intern.

      Why should anybody trust Scott Brown?

    • You would think that his media savvy

      wife would know to check it out to protect him from things like this. After all, he did say he ran through the monologue at home to try it out and practice his delivery. We all know that consultant Eric Fehrnstrom couldn’t care less about such inaccuracies. The attack is what it’s all about.

  2. not plagiarism!

    In journalism this is plagiarism.
    In comedy, this is tradition!
    Please, leave the over-wrought outrage to the other side.

    • Over-wrought? Outrage?

      I hardly think so. After all, I jovially referred to myself as “churlish” in the post, followed by the tell-tale “wink” emoticon. It’s all in the spirit of good fun.

  3. circumstantial at best

    When I saw the clip on TV last night, as soon as Brown mentions Secret Service for Santorum, I was already thinking something about the first time he’s used protection before the Senator said it. That punchline was so obvious that several people could have come up with it independently.

    • Yeah, but you're assuming

      that someone on Brown’s staff has anything resembling a sense of humor. Remember, this is Eric Fehrnstrom we’re talking about. ;)

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