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Downtown Boston could be very interesting on May First

This is the official poster from the Occupy Boston web site.  There is a full schedule posted, as well at this link. Listed highlights include a Financial District Block Party at the corner of Franklin and Federal streets beginning at 7:00 AM.  If you have a facebook account, here is the event with all the details.   Invitees are encouraged to bring musical instrucments, and the invite includes breakfast. There is an extensive list of events between the Financial District Block Party, and street theater in the evening. Those who love lively street theater should go to Copley Square at 7:00 PM, for the funeral march/wake as to the “Death of Capitalism”. Consider this either an invite – or a heads up – that tomorrow will be a lively day in Boston – and many other cities.   May Day events are planned in 100+ cities. Despite my original plans, I will be involved only from the internet sidelines – but not having seen prior coverage at this site, I thought some folks who were planning to go into Boston for other reasons may as well be aware that this will not be a day for business as usual, more likely than […]

Warren’s Cherokee Roots and Fehrnstrom’s Finger Prints

“Eric had the same attitude I did. He’s a Massachusetts native like me. And guys like us—white heterosexuals without trust funds—we were never going to get hired by the Globe, so we decided pretty quickly that we were going to have fun.” Fun meant wrecking people. –Howie Carr GQ has a sort of paean to Mitt Romney’s seeing-eye pit bull Eric Fehrnstrom. I say sort of, because I don’t read a lot of glitzy magazine writing so it’s a little hard for me to tell. After reading it, however, I now recognize Eric Fehrnstrom’s fingerprints all over this one. It has all the hallmarks of his Boston Herald picture of Evelyn Murphy back in the day. And that lack of access to Scott Brown? It’s a Fehrnstrom strategy that started with Mitt Romney in his tenure as governor and has continued with Mitt as candidate. According to the article,  Eric gives Mitt a capability that Mitt doesn’t have,” says Ben Coes, Romney’s campaign manager in 2002. “It’s a streetwise savvy; it’s an on-the-ground Boston-smarts mentality; it’s a back-alley-politics, survival-of-the-fittest point of view. Mitt is not a knife fighter. Eric is a knife fighter.” The best political operatives are the ones who provide their […]

Scott Brown’s Woman Problem

Scott Brown recently acknowledged his growing “woman problem,” enlisting Olympia Snowe and other Republicans to his “Women for Brown” at a big kick-off event last month.  The Boston Herald headline at the time said it all:  “Snowe: Brown’s not waging war on women.” But it seems like every time he tries to undo the damage, he finds himself right back in hot water. The latest development is that Scott Brown has began suggesting that Elizabeth Warren was not qualified to get her job at Harvard.  Brown’s pushing of the “Native American” dustup, of course, goes against the word of Charles Fried, the former Reagan Solicitor General, who said about the issue:  “It never came up in her interviews. She’s such a wonderful teacher and such an accomplished scholar [that] it just swamps any such thing.”  The fact is, Warren’s ground breaking work in bankruptcy and research on the pressures facing families are why she was hired.  Her teaching is also legendary.  Even the most conservative students have praised her in the classroom. But for Scott Brown, this follows a familiar pattern.  After all, this is the same Senator that voted against Elena Kagan while claiming she didn’t have the experience needed for the Supreme Court — even after […]

Attleboro DEMS Launch “Attleboro Democracy Magazine”

The Attleboro Democracy Magazine is a seasonal magazine created by the Attleboro Democratic City Committee devoted to exploring the issues most important to our state. The recently released issue on education features quite a cast of contributors: Senator John Kerry took the time out of his busy schedule to write a piece on President Obama’s college savings plan A Lt. Governor Timothy Murray piece details the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) program being successfully implemented by the Patrick administration A column by State Auditor Suzanne Bump details keeping school collaboratives fiscally honest Articles by Attleboro community leaders, educators, students, and others help shed light on the issues of education in our state and area To view our latest edition (the cover of which is below) click the link:http://www.scribd.com/AttleboroDemocracy/d/83671272-Attleboro-Democracy-Magazine-Education-Issue-2012. Our motto is “Striving for a better public debate.” With contributions from our most respected and devoted leaders and citizens, we hope to help solve the great issues of the day through our ideas and words. The Attleboro Democracy, although made by Democrats, is a magazine for everybody. As I’m fond of saying, I don’t care if you’re a Democrat, Republican, Independent, or Yankees Fan, we want you to enjoy the Attleboro […]

Scott Brown, Voter ID backer, decries “insult” to discrimination victims

Scott Brown is trying to work up some outrage over the fact Elizabeth Warren has claimed that her heritage is in part Native American and that, based on information she provided, she was listed by the Association of American Law Schools as a minority faculty member from 1986 to 1995. This “is an insult to all Americans who have suffered real discrimination and mistreatment,” says a Brown spokesperson. Really. Well, since the subject of insults has been raised, what does the NAACP consider to be an insult to those who have suffered discrimination? In a report issued late last year on new barriers to the right to vote, the NAACP discussed: The push for laws requiring voters to present valid government-issued photo identification at the polls in order to cast a ballot [, which] amounts to an effort to create a modern day poll tax and represents the heart of the modern block the vote campaign. And who pushed for Voter ID legislation in each of his three terms as a Massachusetts State Senator? Crossposted here.

Mitt Romney-Scott Brown Out-of-Touch Flashback Quotes of the Day

[Like ProgressMass on Facebook and follow on Twitter.] “I get speakers fees from time to time, but not very much.” -Mitt Romney, 1/17/12, describing the $374,327 he received in speakers fees from February 2010 to February 2011. “It’s not a heck of a lot.  I mean, you know, I don’t make a heck of a lot.” -Scott Brown, 1/20/12, describing his family income, which totaled $839,520 in 2010 and $510,856 in 2011, for a total of $1,350,376 over the last two years. Nobody begrudges Mitt Romney or Scott Brown having wealth.  However, people do frown upon Romney & Brown talking to voters like we’re stupid, and Romney & Brown pretending to be something they’re not.  If Mitt Romney really thinks that $374,327 is “not very much,” and Scott Brown really thinks that his family income of $1,350,376 over the last two years means that he doesn’t “make a heck of a lot,” how in touch can they be with the average Massachusetts household making $64,509 a year?

Boston Narrative as Told by The Boston Goebbels – Please $ubscibe to BMG – Warren and Brown

Fist off, as I mentioned before my contract with BMG is coming to a close and my agent has put out feelers. Well let me me tell you, I am getting the love. But my heart is here and David, Bob and Charley put a package together that can’t be ignored. In fact I’m close to re-upping but much of this depends on subscribers. So it’s time people. Cough it up. We ain’t given this shit away. I need to see a few more ticks on the money board from all you Subaru driving, vegetarian, hemp advocating nut jobs. This is a fund drive people. So here is what I am gong to do, if I see someone who posts often yet doesn’t have the seal I’m calling them out on it, Ernie style. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. ——- BMGer Dont Get Cute was on-top of the latest episode in the Boston Globe’s simple yet divisive narrative of the city’s on-going racial problems. I’m trying to remember some others. Oh yes, Celtic player Dee Brown ordered out of his car at gun point by Wellesley police. Parked while being black was the reason according the Globe and […]

“SPAM” button?

This is nothing weighty or serious, and is instead just some minor “housekeeping”. Is it possible to add a “Spam” button alongside the “Recommend”, “Tweet”, and “Like” buttons so that we have a one-click way of alerting the editors to the spam?

Weekly Scott Brown-d Up, Week of 4/27/12

[Cross-posted from the ProgressMass blog.  Like ProgressMass on Facebook and follow on Twitter.] Two weeks ago was rough for Scott Brown.  Last week was rough for Scott Brown.  This week was no different.  Of course, political jockeying over tax returns dominated the week – and we’ll get to that here – but there was so much more that took place. This week saw exposure of Scott Brown reaching for the Etch-A-Sketch quite a bit.  We all knew about him trying to Etch-A-Sketch away his earlier advocacy for moving the Red Sox out of Fenway Park.  Also, we became aware that Brown made some New Year’s bet to stop drinking in 2012, an odd admission given that there was much discussion about his questionable behavior at a brewery in Canton just a few weeks back, at which he threw back a number of beer samples. Additionally, though, a couple other, more policy-oriented Etch-A-Sketch moments came to light.  First, in discussing when he learned about the practice of insider trading by members of Congress, Scott Brown gave a very different story earlier this month to WBZ Radio’s “NightSide with Dan Rea” than he gave to Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” last November.  […]

MA GOP: Episode VI, Return of the Jedi

First the rebel army attacked the MA GOP Empire/Party during the March Presidential Primary, defeating scores State Committee incumbents. The rebels are an odd blend of libertarian, social conservatives who have achieved the highest level of cognitive dissidence by advocating for no government regulations of markets, while demanding for government controls on our bodies and personal behavior. But then, the Empire Strikes (struck) Back and the GOP establishment thwarted the rebel alliance as they attempted to defeat GOP stalwart Kerry Healy as RNC member last month. But yesterday the Rebel Army scored another victory at the caucuses to elect delegates to the Republican convention. You can catch a flavor of the battle per at RedMasssGroup But the summary is this: The Rebels challenged the Romney/Emperor-backed delegate slates under the ironically named “Ronald Reagan Unity Slate”. (The irony being, the tax raising, deficit creating Ronald Reagan of the 1980′s would never have passed the litmus tests on today’s rebel fringe of the GOP). According to Rob at RMG, the rebels won 17 of the 27 delegate slots and defeated both Kerry Healy and Minority Leader Brad Jones. Fortunately my Star Wars metaphor runs out of gas at this point, because as […]