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As has been mentioned elsewhere, caucuses are happening across the state today. As we did four years ago, I thought it might be nice if we had an open thread for reporting results and for people to tell their stories.

I am heading to Ware at 10 AM, for the CD2 caucus. I’ll be voting at that caucus. Then when the caucus is over, I’ll go to Framingham for the 5th CD. I’ll help out as needed and observe. I won’t be posting much. ¬†Should be an interesting day.



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  1. The 6th CD--John Tierney's District

    We’re at Peabody HS opening doors at 8:30am for registration and proceedings start about 10:15am. There are 10 candidates for the 4 men slots and 5 for the 4 women slots. I’m running for one of the male slots. It would be my first convention if elected. As a retired Family Doctor and a member of the Reading Town Committee and a state convention delegate I want to represent the background people who do everything they can to elect worthy Democrats. I’m a product of working parents and public education. I aslo want to represent the strongest values of our Party. My background and life experience has led me to become a Democrat. A few examples. My Mom missed out on college because the 1929 crash forced her to work for meager wages. Growing up in Newark, NJ I was witness to the harm of bigotry towards minorities and women. My Med School class had only 3 women admitted, today they are the majority. My brother a AIDS victim died before social activism pushed the NIH research that now saves lives. My adult handicapped daughter is able to live on her own because of HUD subsidized housing. She is thrilled and her parents have peace of mind. I strongly believe the Democratic Party strives for real hope, opportunity, and progress. We need more of the same. The message I hear from Republicans is fear, luck, and a desire to return to some mythical past. So to promote a progressive agenda we must tell the President we have his back and to keep moving down the road to progress. We also must tell him we must not turn back. If you come to the caucus I will shake your hand and try to earn your vote. My name is Dr. Donald Green from Reading and again I respectively ask for your vote today. See you there.

  2. 3rd CD nice and easy

    No contested races. We convened at 1:15 and adjourned at 1:49.

  3. 7th CD ran smoothly

    Some contested races, but started on time at 10:15, finished by 12:15.

    Rep. Capuano had an interesting historical fact for us: In 1775, the British Empire sent a fleet of ships to intimidate the troublemakers in Boston. The lead ship was His Majesty’s Ship Romney.

  4. 6th CD over in 2 ballots at noon

    Four candidates on the male side out of 6 were elected, Stan Slepoy, Louis Masciello, Tom Larkin, and Ralph Edwards. There were only 4 women running and were elected by acclimation, Katherine Baylis, Marion Rutter, Stella Pierce, and Margaret Somer. The alternate male delegate(female odd district, male even district) was won by Dr. Donald Green. That’s me! This was my first such caucus and it was a great thrill. Thanks to anyone who voted for me. On to Charlotte on the road to reelect President Obama!

  5. CD 2 and CD 5

    CD 2 went smoothly. There were no contests. About 66 people taking part. Good group of delegates.

    CD 6 also went smoothly. There was a stronger attendance. Delegates were all elected on the first ballot. The alternate went three ballots.

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