Earth Day- Spend some time today thinking about reducing your impact

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Today is Earth Day. Since it will be raining for most of the day, consider taking some time to reuse and recycle. Many people don’t realize that you can leave old towels, sheets  and just about any kind of fabric in the various collection boxes around town. This material is reused in products like rug pads and car upholstery stuffing.  It is an important opportunity to reduce the waste stream.

As I have volunteered in Earth Day observances here in town, I have learned that many items can be reused.  For the environment and to save money, keep dry cleaning to a minimum, but when you do have something dry cleaned, you can return the coat hangers to the dry cleaner.  If you receive a floral arrangement or gift basket, most florists will happily accept baskets and vases. I’ve mentioned this to people and sometime people think that you could only return a vase to the florist who prepared the arrangement. Don’t worry – most florists will accept a basket or vase from anywhere.

There are so many little things that people can do. Stop using bottled water. Eat vegetarian one day a week, or more. Walk when possible instead of driving. Exercise without using a health club. You can exercise without driving some place or using an electric treadmill,  Many of these suggestions not only help to reduce your carbon footprint, but save money. Here’s an easy example. Don’t go on a cruise to vacation. Saves money. Reduces carbon footprint. Much healthier.



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  1. [pambors] LOV Framingham Townie due to bring life to other United State

    Thanks, Kate, for joining us tonight. Framingham Townie Pamela V. Roberts won her last election. Too bad, we could not grab Rochelle to join us. Roberts is always full of life, reading in the bookstore, shopping in my store, working with me in the US Census Bureau… Roberts completes our Earth.

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