Elizabeth Warren’s astounding first-quarter fundraising

They kept us in suspense for a few days, but it was worth the wait: in the first quarter of 2012, Elizabeth Warren raised $6.9 million, according to an email from the campaign – more than double what Scott Brown reported.  One does have to wonder whether it’s a coincidence that Brown released his fundraising numbers on the Friday afternoon (Good Friday) before Easter weekend.  Traditionally, Friday afternoon, especially before a holiday weekend, is when politicians “take out the trash,” i.e., release news that they have to release but that they hope nobody really notices.

Some other impressive numbers from the Warren camp: 83% of the donations from the first quarter were for $50 or less, and, as noted previously, about $2.5 million came from inside Massachusetts, which appears to be more than Brown raised in-state (though there remains some confusion about Brown’s numbers).

There’s certainly work to be done: Warren’s team reports that Brown continues to have a cash-on-hand advantage of about $4 million.  And one can expect – in fact, one hopes – that Warren’s burn rate will accelerate as they start spending seriously on field organizers and other essentials to get a world-class ground game in place.  Because they will need it.

In any event, this is of course very good news for the Warren campaign.  In addition to a brilliant ground game, the Warren campaign will need a lot of advertising as well in order to keep up with the Brown machine.  So far, it’s looking like they will have the resources to make that happen.  Which is very good news indeed.

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  1. Congratulations to Mindy

    Congratulations to Mindy Myers for running an effective campaign, and congratulations to Elizabeth for working so hard!

  2. Thump Brown


  3. Chabot at the Herald buried the news ....

    in an article about SCOTUS and the dreaded Obamacare. Herald is bordering self-parody.

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