Fenway Park’s 100th birthday is tomorrow … no thanks to Scott Brown

I know we’ve been over this, but it’s so delicious that I can’t help myself.  Fenway Park officially turns 100 years old tomorrow.  The Yankees are in town; there will be a big pre-game celebration; the teams will both wear 1912 throwback uniforms; the weather is supposed to be absolutely beautiful.  A good time will be had by all.  And today, if you’re interested, you can wander through Fenway on your own: there’s a free open house at the park from 9 am to 7 pm today.  Bring the kids!  Savor the history that is Fenway Park!

And through all of that, remember that Scott Brown really did want to move the Red Sox to a new stadium in Foxborough when he was a state rep.  Here, courtesy of the fine folks at Progress Mass, is a Wilmington Morning Star newspaper clipping from January 9, 2001, recounting Brown’s efforts to get the Sox out of Fenway Park, and out of Boston.  ”Exploring the possibility of a Red Sox relocation to Foxboro makes fiscal and economic sense,” said Brown.  Also noteworthy is that Brown actually “hand-delivered” his letter containing the proposal to Patriots owner Bob Kraft, as well as faxing it to the Red Sox.

If Brown had had his way, tomorrow’s 100th birthday spectacular would have amounted to tossing a couple of flowers on the site that used to be Fenway Park.


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  1. I wonder if it occurred to anybody...

    …to station some people outside the park with handbills pointing out Brown’s record on this to distribute to folks entering/exiting Fenway today.

  2. fkn elitist!


    • The way to play this

      I think any injection of sports into politic is rather silly. I am confident both candidates are true fans. What this incident does tell us is that Scott Brown loves pork and earmarks when it interests him, loves wasting tax payer dollars on stadiums, and has always had a career where his pockets are in the hands of businessmen local (Kraft) and now national (the Koch brothers and ALEC) instead of the hard working people of this state. Warren should hit him for wanting pork, for fighting for cushy earmarks and tax money for business buddies while saying job aid and aid to MA industries like fishing and biotech are too expensive.

  3. "Exploring the possibility of a Red Sox relocation to Foxboro

    makes fiscal and economic sense.”

    Fiscal and economic sense? Is that like suspenders and a belt?

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